Mad-City Wins Division 1 2006 State Show Ski Championship


Competing in the biggest show-ski tournament in the world, the Mad-City Ski Team picked the perfect time to ski one of the best shows in club history.

Taking part in the 40th annual State Wisconsin Show Ski Tournament at Lake Wazeecha’s Red Sand Beach, Mad-City pulled out all the stops and claimed the Division 1 State Championship for the second time in three years.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be back on top,” co-show director Matt Heilman said. “All the hard work we put in really paid off. It was one of the best shows Mad-City has ever performed.”

Dan Wang, the other co-show director, concurred with Matt: “Standing on stage as a leader of the team was a great feeling Sunday,” Wang said. “It was great to see everyone celebrating and enjoying the win, all the time and effort that had gone into the show really paid off.”

Mad-City scored 2155 points to knock off last years champions, the Janesville Rock Aqua Jays, who came in second with a strong 2092. Last years surprise team, the Webfooters from Freemont, WI, rounded out the top three with 1985.

Along with claiming top show honors, the Mad-City crew also claimed numerous individual and team awards.


Heading up the list was Ann Wittenberg, skiing on Thursday to the soothing sounds of Phil Collins, successfully defended her individual state swivel ski title. With a score of 16.56, Ann edged out Heather Addie who came in second with a 16.26. Ellie Pesek rounded out the top three with a score of 16.02.


The Mad-City jump team also competed on Thursday and performed a no-fall jump routine, scoring 398 points, to edge out the Badwater Ski-Ters from Iron Mountain with 390. The Plum Ski-Ters from Sayner nipped close at Badwater’s heels to round out the top three with 387.


To top it all off, Mad-City also had the highest scoring individual act in the tournament, which was the scored comedy. This included announcer Adam Schaller and his side-kick Cory Gessler, and Adam’s show stopping number, the “Show-Ski Evolution of Dance”.

“The skiing at state was outstanding, the Rock Aqua Jays had a great show,” Heilman said. “They are always tough to beat because they do so many things well. The Webfooters skied a great show as well, they are creative and really produce a great show that’s fun to watch.”

However, the work doesn’t end here, in a few short weeks the national competition will be held at Janesville’s home site and there will be even more strong competition looking to knock Mad-City off its perch.

“There are a lot of great teams this year at nationals, so we have our work cut out for us,” Wang said. “We can win, but we need to work hard and ski our show. With the talent we have on this team, bigger and better things are possible in the next few weeks.”

Team scores: 1. Mad City 2,155; 2. Rock Aqua Jays 2,092; 3. Webfooters 1,985; 4. Aquanuts 1,620; 5. Badgerland 1,583; 6. Water Bugs 1,477; 7. Aqua Skiers 1,475; 8. Hydroflites 1,465; 9. Shermalot 1,410; 10. Lauderdale 1,387; 11. Waterboard Warriors 1,354; 12. Ski Sprites 1,238; 13. Minnieska 1,177.

Box scores (top 3)-Dock and equipment: 1. Mad City 114; 2. Rock Aqua Jays 100; 3. Webfoorters 101. Pick-up boats: 1. Mad City 321; 2. Rock Aqua Jays 305; 3. Webfooters 290. Tow boat driving: 1. Mad City 868; 2. Rock Aqua Jays 848; 3. Web footers 807. Sound crew: 1. Mad City 1,133; 2. Rock Aqua Jays 1,074; 3. Webfooters 1,072.

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