Thank You Badgerland!!

One of the greatest aspects of the show ski community is the friends and relationships you make with other ski teams. The Badgerland ski team, located just outside of Milwaukee, is a perfect example of what makes our sport so great.

We received this card in the mail from the Badgerland ski team congratulating us on our title. Thank you Badgerland, you guys are fantastic!

Badgerland Card FrontBadgerland Card Inside

For the full resolution version, please click here

Also, please take a minute and visit Badgerland’s website and if you are in the area check out their show.

Badgerland Website


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  1. You guys are my idols. I loved your show last year at nationals. i was hoping and praying you won!! and then you did! oh mann. the evolution of dance…WOW! i love your shows, and im sad to see when they end. They make me smile and i just feel good inside after your shows. I hope you win nationals this year! i LOVE your team!!
    — anonymous