Mad-City Wins Division 1 2007 National Show Ski Championship

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The Mad-City Ski Team got all wet Sunday afternoon and they couldn’t be happier.

The team won its third national championship in four years Sunday on the Rock River in Loves Park, Ill., a victory that came with a trophy and a most welcome tradition on a hot summer’s day.

“The winning team goes for a swim,” said Mad-City show director Chris Coupland when contacted by phone Monday morning. “It was a very welcome celebration.”

Mad-City won the national show skiing title in 2004 and again in 2006.

“It was pretty convincing win,” Coupland said. “We swept the box scores and Paul O’Connor was voted the most valuable skier at the event.”

14 teams, mostly from the Midwest, competed in the division 1 championships, with each show ski team getting an hour on the water to perform 13 separate acts of the team’s choosing.

Judges award points for each of the 13 acts, with the winning team amassing the most points based on execution, difficulty, spectator appeal and flow.

Mad-City competed on Saturday, the third of seven teams going that day, with the other half of the teams skiing Sunday.

Coupland said the conditions weren’t the best when the team’s 57 skiers hit the water Saturday morning.

“It was a strong current and a little breezy, but the team did a fantastic job,” he said. “The team really came together the past two weeks.”

The team puts on Sunday evening shows all summer on Lake Monona, skiing off of Law Park next to Monona Terrace. It has three free shows left this year, Aug. 19 and 26 and Sept. 2, all starting at 6 p.m.

About 80 people, including skiers, boat drivers, announcers and support staff, went to the national championships from Mad City. The skiers range in age from eight years old to 52 years old.

The show ski championships also award titles in three events besides the overall team trophy. Mad-City won first in the team jumping competition.

Bill Novak 8/13/2007 11:25 am

Local ski team wins national title again


Mad-City Wins Division 1 2007 National Show Ski Championship — 4 Comments

  1. I have show skied for alot of years and have enjoyed driving from Madison to Janesville and Loves Park for the last 10 years- My old friend Mark from 30 years ago is the announcer every year and we enjoy getting together at the Nationals- my first nationals, I was 15 years old from Wausau- the Wausauqua waterski team- we placed 5 th in 1979. Bet I have the oldest H20shi show t-shirt around. Great job-well done- I knew you would be hard to beat after I watched all the shows. Congrats Mad-City – Maybe next year I’ll join for fun…..

  2. The skiers are magnificent but don’t forget the boat-drivers – they’re incredible!

  3. Hi There!!!
    I’m Maria from Argentina, and I’ve enjoyed the ski show when I was there twicw, especially the ones at Beaver Dam with my American family there: The Bells!!!! They are just unbelievable skiers, bust most of all: Incredible People!!!
    All my love always, and hope I can be there soon for the shows and to share some lake days!!!!
    All my best to everybody!!!!