Nationals Weekend Recap in Pictures

The Nationals weekend was a long, hot weekend for the Mad-City Ski Team. The culmination of almost a years worth of hard work, sacrifice and dedication paid off in the most amazing way imaginable. We put on one of the best ski shows in the history of the Mad-City Ski Team.

The Following is a picture recap of our weekend, special thanks to Jim’s Photo’s and Eric Wedige for the pictures. Please visit to view our complete seasons worth of pictures.

Friday Jump Competition

For the second year in a row the Mad-City Jump Team took home top honors for the best jump squad in the entire country. The competition allows every team five-minutes to perform any number and combination of jumps and are judged on difficulty, flow, crowd appeal and execution.

Our team hit the water first and put on a show that no one was able to match!


Double Gainer


Four Man Front Flip


Quad Helicopters


Ladies and Gentleman, Your national champion Jump Team!!

Saturday Nationals Ski Show

The temperatures on Saturday were climbing into the mid-80s by 9:00 A.M, we knew we were in for quite a day. Mad-City skied third after the Janesville Rock Aqua Jays and host ski team the Ski Broncs. Our show finally hit the water at about noon.

The story behind our show is that with the addition of announcer Matt Baumler, who brings with him a theatrical style all his own, he is looking to make the Mad-City Ski Team over, make us into a theatrical ski show. However, our incumbent announcer, Adam Schaller is resisting, satisfied with Mad-City’s free-wheeling, rock and roll, style ski show. Who will win? Lets find out!!


Sandy, Libby, Taryn, Ann, Kristen and Teri welcome you to our show with a pre-show dance!


The trumpets begin to blare, and that means only one thing…


Welcome to a “Tale of 2 Ski Shows”!!


Kicking our show off in style, a 7-man Bacwards Barefoot Line


Matt Baumler, your court jester!


Our 4-2-4 Opening Pyramid Team


Adam doesn’t look like he is enjoying this! Lets try something in Mad-City Style.


Montage – Jeff on a sky ski


Montage – Kirk and Beau on shoe skis


Montage – Paul on a wakeboard


One Act Show – A Mad-City Original! Shoe Skis, Four-High Pyramid, Strap Doubles and a Pinwheel!!

Now, back to Matt’s style. Hey Meistro, Give me some rhythm!


Ballet – Your Mad-City Dream Girls


Ballet – Dream Girls on the water


Ballet – Dream Girls on stage w/ Matt.

Now we head back to Adams style of ski show, some freestyle jumping


Jump 1 – Paul and Scott perform a double gainer


Jump 1 – On the Dock

Matt won’t stand for this, here comes a pirate theme….


A Pirate Theme? Jack Sparrow thinks so!!


Star Swivel – Kristen Heilman on the water


Star Swivel – Ann Wittenberg, Joey O’Connor, Laura Fick and Kristen Heilman


Adam has other ideas about this Pirate theme! Here comes the Mad-Ciy Big Act!


Big-Act – Trio


Big-Act Doubles


Big-Act Swivel Line


Big-Act Star Staggered Swivel


Big-Act – Conventional Doubles


But wait, what is this? Matt coming in as Adam? This should be good.

And it is…here comes our national champion jumpers again!!


Jump 2 – Dan Wang, Paul O’Connor and Kirk Schultz perform the hangman (Flip over Helicopter and Flip)

And now, Taryn and Adam have a little ditty…or two!


Fellowship and Fun!!!

However, here comes Mad-City’s biggest pyramid ever!!


Our Ending Pyramid – 4-2-4-2-4!

Together at last, Matt and Adam in the “Original” Evolution of Dance


The “Original” Evolution of Dance


Evolution of Dance


Evolution of Dance

But, now its back to business. Welcome the tournament MVP, Paul O’Connor!!


Jaw Dropper – Gainer


Jaw Dropper – Front Flip


Jaw Dropper – 720 Helicopter!!


Stickin it!!


The Skip Gilkerson Award Winner for Best Male Skier – PAUL O’CONNOR!

Not to be left out, a tweak on a Mad-City Original. the Guy/Girl Combo Line!!


The guys on the dock!!


15 guys and 15 girls = 30 person ballet line!!


Combo Ballet on the water – HUGE!


Ladies and Gentleman, YOUR 2007 Mad-City Ski Team!

Sunday Awards Ceremony

After an entire weekend, numerous shows and a amazing amount of nerves…the time has finally come to reveal the winner of the 2007 national championship!

First up, the award for best Ballet Line!


Chris accepting the award for best ballet line of the tournament, our 30 person combo ballet line!!

Next, award for best jump act…no surprise, its….


Paul O’Connor with driver Tony Wang and rider Cyndi Pickney for the Jaw Dropper. A Front Flip, a Gainer and a 720!!

Next award is for best swivel ski act of the tournament…and the winner is?


The Mad-City Star Swivel, Ann Wittenberg, Joey O’Connor, Laura Fick and Kristen Heilman! The best group of swivel skiers in the nation!!

Mad-City doesn’t stop here, next up is the award for best Male skier at Nationals. The Skip Gilkerson Award goes to?


Paul O’Connor!

Turning our attention to the behind the scenes action, the award for best dock crew goes to?


Mad-City! Our ladies behind the scenes get some well deserved recognition!

An important part of every show is the pick-up boat crew, and the award goes to?


Mad-City! Jim and Liz McKenna and Caprice and Lee Vanderkolk take home the award for best pick-up boat crew!

Turning our attention to the tow-boat crew, could it be a sweep of the boat driver awards?


YES!! Tony Wang, Gary Pickney, Don Heilman and Jerry Wesner, the best tow boat drivers in the country!

Bringing the announcers words and the music to your ears, here is the award for best sound crew.


Mad-City Again!! Matt Baumler, Adam Schaller and Eric Wedige claim the award as best sound crew!!

And now…the drum rolls.

The best ski show in the entire country goes to?


MAD-CITY!! Show Director Chris Coupland picks up our award, with show committee in tow!!

and now we celebrate with the traditional dip in the water!!!


Your 2007 National Champion Mad-City Ski Team!!!


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  1. We are so excited for all of you and so proud! It’s been a long 10 years since we’ve been on the team and you have all come such a long way and do a tremendous job!! We loved watching the video clip of Nationals and only wish we could have been there. Congratulations on a well deserved victory. We look forward to seeing the show in Beaver Dam. Zach is really wanting all of the pictures and a copy of the video from National. He lives, eats and sleeps show skiing. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched the 1992 and 1993 Nationals tape!! He is definately our future show skier!