High Waters Provide a Wet Ending to a Succesful Season

All the rain in Madison and the surrounding areas ended Mad-City’s ski season rather abruptly. Following our performance at the National Ski Tournament just over three weeks ago, we returned to Madison excited and looking forward to performing back on Lake Monona.

However, Mother Nature had other ideas as high winds and rainy conditions canceled our first show, post-championship.

Those of you that live in the area know what came next, days and days of rain, which subsequently caused the lake levels in the area to rise up to near-record heights and cause thousands of dollars in damage to the surrounding area.

For us, the Mad-City Ski Team, it also caused the abrupt end to our ski season. One of our most successful and enjoyable years ever!!

While it is incredibly disappointing to have our season end on this wet and dreary note, we also understand the circumstances surrounding the decision to keep our lakes Slow-No-Wake, to prevent any further damage to the shoreline and peoples property.

We will certainly be rearing and ready to go in 2008!!

The Mad-City Ski Team thanks everyone who came out to see our ski show and supported our team this year!!

After the jump is our pictorial of our ski site and the effects the high water has had. We have added two more photo gallery’s on the Mad-City Picasa Site

Our stage area, the water has crept up almost to the bleachers!

Looking towards where our dock should be from the stage

The high water broke our anchor chains and the dock began to float away!!

Looking towards shore from the end of our dock

Our poor third dock (the blue sticking out of the water) is being pulled under by the tight anchor chains!

Even our Jump isn’t immune, tight chains are tugging on it pretty tight!

Mad-City Picasa Album
High Water Photo Album Pt. 2
High Water Photo Album Pt. 3

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