What Happened to our Docks?


For the Mad-City Ski Team, the recent rain and subsequent flooding on Lake Monona caused us almost $20,000 in damage to our equipment that we had set up on Lake Monona.

How is this possible?

Our docks and Jump are all held afloat on a number of 55 gallon drums and are anchored by chains to the floor of Lake Monona. The docks that were destroyed, one section of our main dock (to the left as you look out at Lake Monona) and our third dock (to the right as you look out) both had their frames broken by the strain from the rising water tugging against the huge anchors and the frame.

The dock in question, pictured above, is built on a mobile home frame. As you can see in the picture above, a wooded sub-frame is mounted atop the steel frame which rests on almost 30 55-gallon drums. What happened was the as the water rose it pulled against the anchors and ended up breaking and twisting the steel frame causing irreparable damage, causing it to partly sink and render it un-trailerable.


Our third dock (pictured above) is built on a pontoon boat chassis. We built a flat-top deck and bumpers on a used pontoon boat. This dock is used for various acts that come from the right hand of the show course, jump, barefoot, swivel ski and our One-Act Show. This dock faced a similar fate as our main dock, as the strain from the high water against the chains bent the frame and also cracked the pontoons to the point where the dock no longer floated and had to be taken apart before trailering.

The cost to rebuild our docks properly will run us about $20,000, and with three of our shows being canceled at the end of the year, we are hoping for some additional help. We are non-profit so all donations are tax-deductible!!

Remember as well, we also founded, sponsor and run the annual Clean-Lakes Festival whose goal is to raise money to help maintain and clean our local lakes.

If you can, please help us and donate to Mad-City. Please use any of the contact information in the right-hand column to contact us, we will get back to you right away. Thank you!!

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