A Summer Tradition

The Capital Times has a great article about the us currently posted on their website.  Shawn Doherty, one of the papers reporters, came down this past Sunday and watched our show, interviewed some of the skiers and members of the crowd.

Here’s a short excerpt of the article:

The Mad-City Ski Team’s weekly shows at Law Park near Monona Terrace are a beloved family tradition, and Sunday brought crowd of close to 150 people sitting on bleachers, blankets, lawn chairs and the muddy rocks along Lake Monona.

Stephanie Engelhart-Olson has been coming to shows as long as she can remember, and now the Madison resident’s children and grandchildren come as well for picnics and fun. “This is our Madison,” she said. “It’s where we’re from, and it’s what we know!”

Dave Hesthaven was bringing his two boys to the show for the first time. “Hey, it’s Sunday at Madison,” he said. “It’s summer and it’s a low-stress thing to do with the kids — as long as there’s a Porta Potty.” (There were six.)

Go check out the rest of the article by following the link below.  Also, be sure to check out the accompanying pictures.

Capital Times: Mad-City Ski Team shows a Summer Tradition

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