Mad-City Named USA Water Ski’s 2008 Team of the Year


The Mad-City Ski Team was just named the 2008 Team of the Year by USA Water Ski.  In the announcement, USA Water Ski mentions that Mad-City won the Wisconsin State and National Show Ski Championships in 2008, has won the tournaments for the past 3 years and 4 out of the past 5 years.  At Nationals this year, Mad-City won awards for pick up boat crew, towboat driving, sound crew, showmanship, overall show, high individual club act, ballet, barefoot, jump and swivel.

2008 was a challenging year for Mad-City.  In early June, Lake Monona, where the team skis, was flooded and made slow no wake due to the extremely high water.  The team was able to find a site to ski on Lake Wisconsin, 35 minutes north of Madison.  The new site, although it offered good water conditions, also offered challenges as it was really not set up for show skiing.  Also, in the middle of summer, the site experienced a blue-green algae bloom so the team was not able to ski due to the toxic conditions.  Eventually, the water in Lake Monona did go down and the team was able to ski a couple practices immediately prior to Nationals at their home site.

This is the 2nd consecutive year that Mad-City has won this award.  In 2007, Mad-City was co-team of the year with the US Elite Ski Team.  It is also only the 2nd time the award has been awarded to a show ski team.

In addition to competing at show ski tournaments, Mad-City offeres free weekly shows during the summer at Law Park in Madison, WI, hosts the Clean Lakes Festival to raise money to help clean the Dane County Lakes and raise awareness of the need to clean up the lakes, and runs a learn to ski program with the Madison School & Community Recreation Program for children of all ages.

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