Project Snowflake Recap

Skipper Buds, Malibu Boats and the Mad-City Ski Team held the 1st Annual Project Snowflake on December 19th to raise money for the American Family Children’s Hospital at the UW Hospital. Despite nearly a foot of snow on the ground and a lake that was just starting to freeze over (they had to do some ice breaking the night before) the event was a great success. With just a couple weeks of planning, the event went great, raising about $3000.

T-Shirts are still available. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can contact Mike at Skipper Buds. Click here to make a donation to Project Snowflake.

Skiing in front of a great crowd that was also braving the cold weather, the team did a small ski show that was appreciated by everyone. Most of the skiers knew what they were getting into and dressed appropriately for the cold conditions (dry suits and much more) but a few decided to brave the very cold conditions planning on the hot tubs being hot. However, they were only lukewarm. Everyone had a lot of fun and everyone that skied now has a new definition of what cold water really is.

We’re planning to do this again in 2010 with the tentative date being Saturday, December 4th.



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