EOD 2.5 Special Edition

While working on the many show and highlight DVDs this past week (and I’m happy to report I made great progress) I spent a few minutes working on a project that I’ve wanted to work on for quite a while.

For those not in the know, EOD is the Evolution of Dance that Adam (our announcer) has done for a few years. In 2006 he started off with a solo dance using many of the songs our ski team has used through the years, in 2007 he danced with with his co-announcer Matt and in 2008 they did what they (Adam and Matt) called the Evolution of Dance 2.5. In this version, they still danced, but in a completely different way.

Many people have seen EOD 2.5 before, but with the exception of just a couple people, no one has seen it quite like this. Until now, pretty much everyone has only seen the side presented to the audience. Now you can watch Adam and Matt perform EOD 2.5 from a completely new perspective, from behind the curtain.

EOD 2.5 Special Edition


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