Splash In To Summer

This summer, as part of the Madison Public Library’s Splash Into Summer program, two of the Mad-City Ski Team’s skiers did a presentation at the Hawthorne Library Branch to a group of preschoolers to talk to them about the ski team.

Danielle and Mallory Talk about the Mad-City Ski Team

After watching a short highlight video of the teams’ 2009 season, Danielle and Mallory explained the many different aspects of show skiing, from pyramids to barefooting to swivel skiing to jumping. Assisted with a wide variety of team equipment, they told the kids all about how we do all of the tricks out on the water. They also answered several very unique questions, the kinds that only kids can think of.

The kids to inspect the water ski equipment first hand

At the end of the presentation, the kids were allowed to inspect all of the equipment first hand. Surprisingly, many of the kids found the long ski ropes to be some of the most fun to play with, although the spinning swivel binding was also a big hit.

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