The Mad-City Ski Team is Back on Lake Monona!

This Sunday, August 8th, the Mad-City Ski Team will put our ski show back on the water of Lake Monona. The show begins at 5:30 pm with our Junior Team performing a short show. Then at 6:00 pm, the full team will perform our first home show since Sunday, July 11th, nearly a month ago.

The water level at Law Park on July 24, 2010

The team’s last show on the water was at the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament on July 17th, where we took 4th place. Following the tournament, we held two Junior Team practices and a Learn-to-Ski Clinic at Law Park before torrential rain fell on July 22nd. That heavy rain triggered Dane County to issue a Slow No Wake Order for Lake Monona on July 24th due to the extremely high water.

With our ski site under a Slow No Wake Order, the team was forced to cancel two home shows (July 25th and August 1st) as well as a sponsored private show. With the cancelled shows, the team lost significant donations that help fund our shows. What made the show cancellations especially difficult was the fact that, on all three occasions, the ski site had glass-like water, which would normally be perfect conditions for a show.

Still needing to practice, the team got creative and held land practices to work on our stage presence and choreography. We then found another place to practice on the water and ended up transporting our large floating dock and all of our boats to the middle of Lake Mendota. Although the middle of any lake does not offer an ideal ski site, it gave the team a chance to get back on the water as a group for a couple of practices.

Pyramid Practice on Lake Mendota

Pyramids on Lake Mendota

The team now has just a few practices and one show before the National Show Ski Tournament taking place next weekend at Lake Wazeecha near Wisconsin Rapids. There, we will compete against 13 other teams for the title of National Show Ski Champion. The Mad-City Ski Team has earned this title for four of the past five years.

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