Made it to Beijing

We’ve arrived safely in China!!! It was a long and painful day of travel. We were on an airplane for 14+ hours – we had an hour delay in Chicago for mechanical issues and a 13 hour flight to Beijing. The flight was so full that they had to bump 10 people off. We were packed in like sardines. Very crowded, very uncomfortable, but it was a smooth flight and we made it safely.

The blog site is blocked here in China. So is Facebook. Any updates I send out will be strictly via email (and then posted to the team’s website). I’ve attached some pictures of our arrival in Beijing. The airport is beautiful. We met our translator/host, Peter, who will be with us the entire week. Very nice guy. It was quite a process getting all of our luggage and ski bags, going through customs, getting currency exchanged, loading a bus and getting to our hotel. Needless to say, it’s 3:00 a.m. here in Beijing, many of us have slept very little, and we are up at 7:30 again to catch a flight from Beijing to Liuzhou.

Enjoy the pictures!! Everyone is safe and sound in Beijing!!

Walking through the Airport

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