Mad-City is Headed Back to Beijing, China!

The Mad-City Ski Team is headed back to China to showcase their talent on the international stage once again. The team found out about the opportunity from an email announcement from the National Show Ski Association on March 23 that the Chinese Water Ski Association was preparing for the Sino-American Water Ski Show to be held from April 28th through May 6th. The team sent in their bid later that day and was awarded the bid the following day. The team then had 3 days to assemble their complete roster (and passport info) so the travel arrangements could be made. Needless to say, it was a challenge to get everything arranged for a group of 15 skiers and 2 family members to travel half way around the world for an 11 day trip with just a one month notice.

The team leaves for China from Madison at 7am on April 27 and will arrive in Beijing, China on the 28th (via a brief pit stop in Chicago’s O’Hare airport and a 13 hour flight). The team will have a day of training on April 29th at the Beijing Shunyi Olympic Water Sport Park (the 2008 Olympic Rowing Venue) before performing shows on April 30th and May 1st. After the shows are over, they’ll take a 5 hour bus trip to the Lai wu Shan dong province for additional shows on May 2nd and 3rd. On May 4th they’ll have an opportunity to visit Lai wu before heading back to Beijeng where they’ll get to do some sight seeing on May 5th before doing a little shopping and heading to the airport to head back to Madison on May 6th.

The team roster consists of Mallory Zink, Danielle Zink, Olivia Jahn, Karli Pickney, Ann Tieman, Kristen Block, Megan Rishling, Brad Meier, Bob Panter, Russ Tieman, Paul Pauers, Gary Pickney, Jayson Rishling, Dan Wang and Arik Lebda. Sarah Jahn and Jacci Meier, family members of two of the team members, will be traveling with the team. Danielle, Olivia, Karli, Gary, Dan, Arik and Sarah are making their 2nd trip to China for the ski team.

The Mad-City Ski Team has been performing shows on Sunday nights in Madison since 1963. Shows run from Memorial Day to Labor Day on Sunday’s at 6:00p.m. As one of the finest show ski teams in the country, the Mad-City Ski Team has won 5 National Championships since 2004.

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