Practicing for China

Madison is in the top left of the map, Wonder Lake is at the 'push pin' labeled with an A near the bottom right

Wonder Lake, Illinois – The Mad-City China Team traveled to Wonder Lake, IL today to hold its first and only water practice. A big thank you goes out to Wonder Lake. They put in their docks and jump last weekend so that we would be able to hold a practice today.

The team did not let the wind, or the cold, slow them down. A successful 4-high went up despite a head wind that was strong enough to knock the pyramid over. The girls got out for Ballet Line run.  A few guys hit the jump. Ann and Kristen both got in a swivel run.  All this resulting in a successful practice.  When the team hits Beijing next week, everyone will have had some water time.

Later this week you should look for a short note and pictures from the packing party.  Not sure why we call it a party. Organizing 16 ski bags with enough equipment to put on a 12 act show is more of a challenge than a party.

Update 4/22 – Turns out some individuals got ambitious and packed before the scheduled packing party so there won’t be any pictures or an update from the packing party. Keep an eye out for more updates as they depart.

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