One Month Till Our First Show of the Year

Launching the Docks in May 2010

With the first show of the year just (at least the first show in the US) one month away on Sunday, May 29th, the team has been getting ready for the ski season all winter long.

The show committee has been hard at work since last fall developing the theme for 2011. The theme might not make it’s debut in that first show, but over the course of the first month of the season, you’ll be able to see the themed ski show evolve for the first tournament of the year at the end of June.

The team has been having indoor practices a couple times a month since the new year started. It’s a great way for the returning skiers to realize they need to get a work out or two in and also a great way for the team’s new skiers to learn the basics of show skiing before getting on the water behind the boat.

The final preparations for the team to hit the water will begin to occur this weekend as the team inspects and repairs all of the docks and jumps before the go into the water in a couple weeks.

With nice days like today (sunny and 60 degrees) the team is anxious to get back on the water to perform shows for our fans that come to Law Park on Sundays.

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