Practice Day in Beijing

The Full Team at the Stadium - Dan Wang, Karli Pickney, Bob Panter, Mallory Zink, Danielle Zink, Russ Tieman, Ann Tieman Kristen Block, Brad Meier, Jacci Meier, Arik Lebda, Sarah Jahn, Gary Pickney, Megan Rishling, Paul Bauers, Olivia Jahn, Jayson Rishling

9:36am CDT – Picture Mad-City’s ski site at Law Park. Now imagine the exact opposite of that and you have the site we are skiing at in Beijing. The Olympic venue features glass calm water and we got a lot of skiing in today.

All the acts are looking good for tomorrow’s competition. Pyramids were a lot easier without the midwestern weather we practiced in recently! Jumpers, swivelers, and ballet all got several runs in.

The afternoon got progressively colder and more hazy and we were all ready to return to the hotel and get warm. Once there, a comical and unsuccessful attempt at refreshing sore muscles in a hot tub ensued.

We’re looking forward to seeing how full the venue gets tomorrow, as it has been pretty quiet so far. We expect that change as a trailer carrying canons arrived this afternoon! Stay tuned!

Picture of an Aerial Map of the Ski Site

Arriving at the Site and Checking out the Docks

Glass Water

Security at the Stadium

Ballet on the Water

Ann Really Celebrates the Successful Ballet Landing

Ann Swiveling

A Chinese Couple Performing Doubles

Air Chair

Chinese Doubles Quad

Tandem Pyramid Building

Fast Pyramid Approaching the Ramp

Fast Pyramid Goes by the Ramp

Swivel Toe Line

Mallory Keeps Her Toes Warm with the Wetsuit

Ballet on the Water

Ballet Dance Practice

Bob's Rough Landing

Chinese Staggered Ballet

Chinese Wakerboarder Jumps Over Another Wakeboarder

Cannons are brought into the Stadium

Russ is Done!

Next Up: The First Day of Competition


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  1. Great pictures. Hello to Brad and Jacci from Leigh. Having fun with Grandma.