“Performance” at Shunyi

9:34 CDT – Today Mad-City performed twice at the Shunyi Olympic Stadium. These shows were only performances, not competition, even though we’ve been very clearly informed of the points difference so far!

The morning began with opening ceremonies at the stadium. Fireworks and the canons mentioned in the last post kicked the day off. The crowd was minimal but the skiing was strong. We had several acts go without falls and were feeling pretty good going into the final act of the morning. Dan called “pyramid!’ and suddenly, with no build up whatsoever, Shunyi Stadium turned into Law Park. We closed the morning with two unsuccessful pyramid attempts and broke for lunch.

The wind gusts were present for the whole of the afternoon. Feeling at home, Mad-City had a pretty nice little afternoon! We hit the water with a 4-tier pyramid, jumps, ballet, trios, toe line, and a modified fast pyramid. It was a no-fall day for jump, ballet, toe line, trios,and the fast pyramid. Mad-City is currently about 24 points (out of about a 1,000) behind the Chinese.

Tonight we had a banquet with the Chinese team where we got to dress up and “gambay”(?) the night away with our competition. It was great to finally intermingle with the Chinese a bit and get to know them as best we can with the language barriers.

We’ll ski again tomorrow morning, for the last time, at Shunyi. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll travel by bus to another “small town” (roughly 2 million people) about 5 hours away. We have to go by bus because a town that “small” does not have a train station or airport.

Our translator, Peter, has not been to our next city before, so we don’t know what to expect in the coming days. Hopefully we’ll have more updates for you soon!

Here are some pictures from today’s activities.


The Girls at the Ski Site

The Guys at the Ski Site

The Cannons

The Fireworks Set to Go Off

The Opening Ceremony

The Chinese Team's Pyramid

Riding the Sky Ski

Chinese Quad Doubles

The Ballet Line

The Chinese Barefoot Pyramid

The Jumpers with the Stadium in the Background

Heli Flip Heli

Flip Heli Flip

Chinese Staggered Ballet Line


Chinese Jumpers

Kristen Swiveling

Ann Swiveling

The Chinese Doubles Intro

Both Teams' Final Intro

Human Clothes Line

Team Cheer

Mad-City's 4-High

Peter and The Girls

A Lil Wonder Lake in You

Double Gainers

Ballet Line


Fast Pyramid Hitting the Ramp

Final Intro

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