Last Day in Shunyi… then on to Laiwu

Both Teams Pose Together for a Photo

At our final competition this morning we had a three fall show and came up only 11 points short of topping the Chinese. Jayson Rishling’s skills won him best male skier. The team’s hitting a good stride and has high hopes for the competition in Laiwu.

This afternoon was exhibition skiing and we did acts side by side with the Chinese. It was another great way to build our relationship with them.

As I draft this, we’re on a 6 hour bus ride to Laiwu. We were each given a gourmet dinner to enjoy on the ride: a Spam-like substance in a tube, an entire loaf of bread, warm yogurt, and a pouch of “preserved vegetables.” Yes, we’re all hungry.

The bus ride was… an adventure… and we’re all quite tired. From what we could see in the very dark surroundings and from the pictures in the brochures in our room, this could be another spectacular site.


Sarah and Olivia Enjoying Breakfast


Mad-City's Team USA


Backfooters and Jumper (far left in the background)


The Rope Wrapping Controversy


4-High Pyramid




Heli Flip Heli


The Spectators


2 Gainers


Fast Pyramid


Jayson Rishling Wins Best Male Skier


Team USA Wins 2nd Place


Two 4-Highs


Sky Ski in the Stadium


Two Swivelers


Swivel Intro


The China Team and Mad-City's Team USA Perform Two 3-Highs Side-by-Side Behind the Same Boat


Dano inspects his Dinner

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