Practice at Laiwu

Ballet in front of the Mountains

12:18am CDT (1:18pm in China) – This morning we woke up to our very scenic surroundings and breakfast that actually included beverages – hooray for Laiwu! The site here is amazing. The lake is right next to an airfield that has an enormous amphitheater-like seating area. The seating for our competition is very long rows of chairs. There are already more people here than there were in Beijing, and this morning was only practice. The press is also out at this location. Practice was brief, but went well. We’re heading back to the site for competition this afternoon. The Chinese poured some sort of alcohol on their skis, boats, the dock and jump this morning, so maybe that signifies that this is truly a competition this time!

The Hotel in Laiwu


For those of you that transport boats for Mad-City, check out how they haul them around here in the photo below! They use a crane to get the boats on and off the trailers.

Boat Trailers... on Something Like a Flatbed Truck


Ceremony with Alcohol?


Kristen is Interviewed by the Chinese Press


The Danielle & Mallory Being Interviewed by the Chinese Press


Fireworks & Chairs

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