On the Water with the Skiers

A Human Pyramid as seen from the shore

The picture above shows the view you’re use to seeing. The pyramid on the water, you, the spectator, sitting on the shore. Now many of you have seen the show from the shoreline, but very few of you have seen the show the way the skiers see the show… and that is from on the water.

With access to a GoPro water proof HD video camera, the Mad-City Ski Team is now ready to show you what we see. Our perspective, on skis, on shoulders and right behind the boat. Here are the first couple videos to show you the skiers perspective.

For those that don’t know, Mad-City’s ski site is right in the heart of Madison on the isthmus. We ski our practices and shows at Law Park right next to the Monona Terrace on Lake Monona, so some of the footage in the videos of Madison from the water are pretty impressive.

The first video features footage from the team’s July 10th home show. And during our practices and shows, things don’t always go off as planned…

Home Show 7/10/11

The second video features footage from a practice on July 14th. With the Wisconsin State Waterski Show Tournament just a week away, we were practicing our entire show. You’ll get to see Madison from the top of a successful 4-high pyramid in this video…

Practice 7/14/11

Both videos are in 720p HD, so feel free to bump the quality and make it full screen (or will be soon once YouTube finishes processing them)!

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