Mad-City takes 2nd Place at the 2011 Wisconsin State Tournament

The Mad-City Ski Team took 2nd place at the 2011 Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament behind the Janesville Rock Aqua Jays.

After a long week of practice in some very hot and humid weather, Friday evening arrived and the team met for our now routine night before meeting, going through all of responsibilities during the setup and tear down times as well as practicing all of our intros and dances.

Saturday morning arrived and, just like the rest of the week so far, it was hot and humid with some storms looming on the radar, but show time finally arrived. It was still hot and still humid and the wind was just starting to pick up a little bit.

Here are some pictures from our show…

Backfoot Line

Opening Pyramid

Bell Sisters Barefoot Fliers in Montage

Chris on the Wakeboard in Montage

Jeff on the Sky Ski in Montage

Amanda in Swivel

One Act Show

Double Heli & Double Fronts

Ballet Line on the Dock

Ballet Line on the Water

The Ballet Line Flashdance Dance

After ballet, Big Act was ready to go on the dock when the wind picked up dramatically, to the point where the backdrops were nearly blown over…

The Backdrop Nearly Coming Down

After a roughly 30 minute delay, the front moved through, the wind died down and the storms seemed to miss us. With the backdrops back in place, the show started back up…

Toe Turn Line


Conventional Doubles

Tandem Barefoot

Tandem Doubles with Two 720 Swivelers

Tandem Pyramid

The Presto Prefab 4-High

Supersized Pinwheel

Ending Pyramid

After our ending pyramid, with time left on the clock, the team made the decision to re-run our ballet act (which had been partially pinned the first time.) The re-run paid off as they performed the water routine and stage dance again, this time, both flawlessly.

Overall, the team skied a very good show. With the exception of our jump acts which struggled a bit and ballet being pinned and needing to be re-run, the overall show was actually very clean. The team finished the marathon show in the heat and humidity knowing we had skied our hearts out and entertained the crowd.

Here’s a 9-minute version of our 60-minutes show…

2011 Wisconsin State Highlights

Sunday, after all of the teams had competed, the awards were finally announced. The Aqua Jays, who had skied a very good show with huge numbers, swept the box scores and took 1st place overall. The Aquanuts had the highest scoring act of the tournament with their ballet line, the Aqua Jays had the highest scoring barefoot line, the Waterbugs had the highest scoring jump act and Badgerland had the highest scoring pyramid act.

Heather Addie won the Janie Dibble/Michelle Cook Outstanding Female Skier and Dave Rezin won the Jack Lukes Outstanding Male Skier awards.

The final results of the top 5…

  1. Rock Aqua Jays – 2026
  2. Mad-City Ski Team – 1732
  3. Badgerland – 1652
  4. Aquanuts – 1634
  5. Webfooters – 1633

Thanks to Jim’s Photos for the great pictures.

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