Back on the Water and Making Video

Opening Pyramid at the May 27, 2012 Ski Show

The Mad-City Ski Team is back on the water celebrating our 50th year of water ski shows in Madison. Mad-City performs ski shows on Sunday nights at 6pm at Law Park on Lake Monona (click link for driving directions and parking info.) And starting on Sunday, June 17, our Junior Team will begin performing ski shows at 5:30pm on Sundays right before the main show. View our online calendar for our full schedule of when we’ll be performing.

And just like last year, we’re putting camera’s on our skiers so our fan’s can see the ski show as we the skiers see the ski show. Take a look at this video from our June 3rd show where Kendra, one of our youngest skiers, does doubles and climbs 4-tiers high in a pyramid.

6/3/12 Ski Show

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