Mad-City Wins 1st Place at 2012 Wisconsin State Show Ski Tournament

In a tournament featuring 26 ski teams from around Wisconsin competing over the course of the 4-day weekend, the Mad-City Ski Team took 1st place at the 2012 Wisconsin State Show Ski Tournament over the weekend of July 19-22.

The weekend started on Thursday, when two of our members competed in the individual swivel competition. Leah Straub took 3rd place and Sara Tubbs took 6th place. Mad-City also fielded a team for the team jump competition and took 2nd place.

On Friday, the team held its now customary team meeting in the evening for a chance to eat dinner together, socialize a little, practice the team’s intros and dances one final time before the tournament and to see the debut of the full comedy skits that will be performed. I know when I left my face hurt from laughing so hard.

Saturday finally arrived and the weather gods seemed to help Mad-City out in their own little way, as show time arrived, it wasn’t raining (although there had been a few sprinkles prior to the show) and it wasn’t crazy hot.

Here are a few pictures from the show for you to browse through…

Opening Pyramid – Mad-City’s 1st double top 4-high in competition

One Act Show – 4 high pyramid, doubles, a show skier and a pinwheel of the ramp

Ballet – 25 Ladies Strong and winner of Best Ballet

Tandem Pre-Fab Pyramids – A Mad-City Original and First

Best Comedy – Little Orphan Adam

“Baby One More Time”

Ending Pyramid – 40 People Strong… Triple 4’s Flanked by 2’s

The Ladies of Combo Ballet

And the Men of Combo Ballet

Finally, since pictures can’t always do the show justice, here’s a highlight video clip. I tried to keep it short, but with so much to highlight, that just wasn’t possible.

Mad-City Ski Team 2012 State Highlight Clip

On Sunday, when the results were announced, Mad-City took home awards for Best Comedy, Best Dock & Equipment, Best Pick Up Crew, Best Tow Boat Driving and Best Ballet. Some other highlights include having the highest scoring showmanship and the highest scoring act in the tournament (girls ballet) and 2 of the 3 best ballet lines in the tournament (combo ballet was the 3rd highest scoring ballet line).

Here are some pictures from the awards ceremony…

Best Comedy

Best Ballet

Our Dock & Equipment Crew – Carol and the Ski Rats

Best Pick Up Boat Drivers

Best Tow Boat Drivers

First Place!

Since you probably want to see more of the ‘Little Orphan Adam’ comedy skit, here’s the whole thing…

Mad-City Ski Team – 2012 Best Comedy at State – ‘Little Orphan Adam’

And finally, since it’s tradition, the team went swimming in Lake Wazecha to celebrate their win.

Celebrating the Win!

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