Mad-City Builds Team’s First 5-High

The 5-High on the Water
Photographed by Jennifer Straub

On Wednesday, September 5 Mad-City accomplished something it had never accomplished before in it’s 50 years of existence. For the 1st time in the team’s history, the Mad-City Ski Team built a 5-high pyramid on the water. To make the feet even more impressive, the 5-high was built at Law Park. Granted Mother Nature played nice with the ski team. What little wind there was came out of the northwest, but with several other boats and a multitude of swimmer’s training for the Iron Man competition, the water around Law Park was busy.

Sara Tubbs, the one of the co-show directors for the upcoming 2013 ski season said:

Even though there was only one act being performed, with only 23 skiing spots….tonight felt like a full on team practice. It was amazing the amount of people that were down at law park tonight! Most of those people made up of drivers, riders, videographers and photographers (and boy did we have a plethora!) But what was most special, were the skiers and family members there by choice, supporting and cheering us on!! In my eyes, that is whats so cool about this team….the amount of teamwork and support that goes into everything we do.

Here’s the footage of the accomplish shot from 3 different cameras… one on Kendra’s head (she climbed all the way to the top), one on Matt’s ski (he center the pyramid) and one in the boat.

Here’s an alternate video that shows just the head and ski cameras.

Finally, here are some pictures of the pyramid being built.

The pictures were taken by Jennifer Straub.

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