World Water Ski Show Tournament Sunday Info

The results for Saturday are:

2012 World Water Ski Show Tournament Day 1 Results

The running order for Sunday is:

  • Team Belgium (about 9am)
  • Team Canada (about 10:30am)
  • Team Australia (about 12pm)
  • lunch break for an hour (about 1pm)
  • Team China (about 2pm)
  • Team USA (about 3:30pm)

Other info you might need:

The times listed are approximate. The competition will work like other North American water ski show tournaments where each team has 20 minutes to setup (first team starts their setup at 8:40am), an hour to ski their show, and then 10 minutes to clean up after their show. The main difference between this tournament and one’s that we are used to seeing is each team is limited to 35 members to fill all the skiing spots, boat drivers, riders, announcers, sound crew, dock crew, etc.

The World Water Ski Show Tournament is being held at Traxler Park in Janesville, WI.

Admission is $5/person on Sunday. Parking is $2. For more information about the tournament, you can visit the Rock Aqua Jays website.

If you can’t make it to Janesville to see the tournament in person, you can still see the tournament via webcast. USA Water Ski will be webcasting the event. Here’s a link to the webcast:

The webcast will start Sunday morning about 8:30 am for the start of competition each day.

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