Team USA Wins Inaugural Water Ski Show Title

Team USA’s Ending Pyramid – Day 1 – From Jim’s Photos

The USA Water Ski Show Team won the team title at the Inaugural World Water Ski Show Tournament held September 15-16, 2012 at Traxler Park in Janesville, WI. The tournament featured teams from the United States, Belgium, Canada, China and Australia.

After two days of competition where each team skied their show on both days, the final results were:

  1. Team USA 2095.23
  2. Team China 1556.2
  3. Team Canada 1505.83
  4. Team Australia 1444.3
  5. Team Belgium 1175.23

Team USA also earned the highest score in the following categories: dock and equipment, towboat driving, showmanship, sound crew, overall show & highest individual club act. Team Canada had the highest scoring pick-up boat crew.

Link: 2012 World Show Ski Tournament Scores (from USA Water Ski)

The team included current Mad-City Ski Team members Matt Heilman (as co-show director), Kristen Block and Adam Schaller and past members Chris Coupland (as co-show director), Paul O’Connor and Jeremy Armstrong.

Each team performed very unique shows.

Team Belgium performed a ski show with a magical theme. And although they didn’t bring a saucer or chair with them, they managed to track one of each done and put them on the water.

Team Canada’s theme incorporated Batman and Robin fighting crime in Gotham City verses Mr. Freeze, The Riddler and Two-Face with the Pengiun acting as their henchman and then Catwoman (and her kittens) also made an appearance. In addition to the Batman theme, the Canadian announcer made the show a non-stop comedy routine as he seamlessly talked about waffles, maple syrup, hockey, Justin Beiber, Packers and Badger Football and many, many other things about both Canada and the US. We also learned that snow skis will work on water as long as you use “wet wax.”

Team Australia took us on tour of Australia where we learned about the proper way to respond to someone saying “G’Day” to you (the correct response is “G’Day Mate!”), why we always see a boxing kangaroo when we see Australian team’s competing in sports, the “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi” chant (that everyone had fun with) and many other fun facts about Australia all while watching a very entertaining ski show.

Team China showed up some very unique skiing (things like stacked doubles), taught us about the culture of China and how the show skiing in China is different than show skiing in the US. They had a team loaded with talent with lots of great jumpers, barefooters and wakeboarders.

Team USA theme featured the musical icons of the USA and featured water ski acts that probably aren’t on the difficulty charts. In addition to Brian Cullen showing up as Elvis and Adam Schaller dancing to Micheal Jackson, the show on the water featured side by side 1080’s on the swivel ski, four people doing mobiuses being 3 boats with one of the boats being a pick up boat, a double top 4-high human pyramid, a front footer doing a deep water start while pulling two jumpers that then after a big loop do a back flip and front flip and many other water skiing feats that are to numerous to name.

Although there were some language barriers, everyone appreciated the great skiing, everyone knew what the applause meant and understood exactly what people meant when they come up to the landing pumping their fists in the air with excitement. The smiles (many going from ear to ear) on peoples faces as they represented their countries doing what they love (water skiing) for people who love the sport (water skiers). Memories and friendships were created for everyone involved, both on the water and for those just watching, that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations go out to all the teams for putting on great shows all weekend long, the organizers of the tournament for all of their work putting together a great event, the fans for cheering on everybody and all the athletes for taking the time to travel around the country and world to represent their country and participate in one of the most amazing water skiing events ever.

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