The Big Pull 2012

The Big Pull 2012 – 54 Person Pyramid

On Saturday, September 8, 2012, the Badgerland Water Ski Show Team, the Beaverland Must-Skis Water Ski Show Team and the Mad-City Ski Team gathered together on Lake Wazeecha near Wisconsin Rapids, WI to attempt to set a new world record for the largest water ski human pyramid behind one boat.

All 3 ski teams provided skiers and Badgerland provided the tow boat this time. Their triple rig is powered by three 300 HP Evinrude E-TEC engines and driven by Captain Jason Hook.

The morning started out with all the skiers and boat drivers and riders (both the tow boat and safety and video boats) gathering together to talk through the logistics of the event and how the start would work.

The Big Pull 2012 – 54 Person Pyramid – Planning

Then the skiers, their skies and all of their ropes were taken out to the floating barges. They had decided to do a staggered start for the skiers so the middle group would take off first and then the outside skiers would take off second. You can see the setup in the picture below.

The Big Pull 2012 – 54 Person Pyramid – On the Floaters

Finally, it was time to put everything on the water and on the very first attempt, not only did everyone make it off the dock successfully, the four 4-highs and the three 2-highs between them were all climbed successfully, both up and down resulting in the world’s first 54-person human pyramid being pulled by one tow boat.

The Big Pull 2012 – 54 Person Pyramid – From the Tow Boat

Mad-City supplied the 4-high on the far left. The Must-Skis provided the left of center 4-high and the two 2-highs on either side of it. Badgerland provided the right two 4-highs and the 2-high between them.

Here are some videos of the event…

World Record Pyramid

Here’s the video put together by Evinrude who sponsors all 3 ski teams with Evinrude E-TEC engines.

The Big Pull 2012: A World Record Water Skiing Performance

Here’s footage showing the staggered start that was used.

World Record Staggered Start

Here’s some GoPro camera footage taken by one of the girls on Badgerland who climbed to the top of one of their 4-highs.

World Record Pyramid (GoPro)

Here’s a second angle of the pyramid on the water.

World Record Pyramid Angle 2

 Pictures from a variety of Facebook posts about the event and from Jim’s Photos.

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