Mad-City is off to China Again

The Mad-City team departs from Madison. Front row (L to R) Laura Fick, Lori Taschwer, Matayla De Bruin, Gabbie Taschwer, Carly McGowan, Hannah Zink, Melissa Haak, Back row (L to R) John Ager, Heidi De Bruin, Cindy Zink, Kyle Ager, Don Heilman, Carol McGowan

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, members of the Mad-City Ski Team boarded a bus in Madison at 6am to embark on the team’s 4th trip to China. Due to the trip being nearly two weeks long, some members are only going for a single week when others will show up to take their place on the team.

Team members include:

  • Don Heilman (week 1) & Tony Wang (week 2)
  • John Ager (week 1) & Dan Wang (week 2)
  • Erik Petterson (week 1) & Mike Nowicki (week 2)
  • Jayson Rishling (week 1) & Jeff Taschwer (week 2)
  • Dan Hansen (week 1) & Scott Solberg (week 2)
  • Jarret Graff
  • Arik Lebda
  • Kyle Ager
  • Lori Taschwer
  • Gabbie Taschwer
  • Melissa Haak
  • Hannah Zink
  • Laura Fick
  • Matayla De Bruin
  • Carly McGowan

Also traveling with the team are three parents, Heidi De Bruin, Carol McGowan and Cindy Zink.

We hope to provide updates from the team over the course of their trip. To follow along on the trip, keep an eye on the website or just click on this link to see just the updates from the trip.


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