Day 2 at the Jin Xi Lake Competition

(Sept 29) Yesterday we wrapped up the 2-day Jin Xi Lake Competition. China’s score placed them in 1st and us in a close margin behind, in 2nd… Arik Lebda got most valuable male in the Jin Xi tournament. The tournament trophy looks like a huge flower vase, we hope to bring it to the ski team banquet to drink out of it.

We did ski great. The second show their jump sank and 1 boat choked, so we got creative on the spot. Our solid individual and team skills made it easy to successfully put out new strap and conventional partners, new barefoot montage including barefoot pyramid, and swiveling next to a pyramid in a circle pattern, to name a few.

Fun China Tidbits:

  • A trash can said (exactly as spelled here): “Protect Circum Stance begin with me”.
  • Our hotel room key controls the electricity in our room, we slide it into a panel for the electricity to run in the room. Fabulous idea for electricity consumption control, however they do allow for 2 room keys.
  • The hot phrase for the trip is officially “Plans change!”

Today we pack up everything and head out to a new city. Travel will include some site-seeing along the way.

Thanks Mad-City for this opportunity of a life-time! Ski Strong, Live Strong.

The Trash Can Mentioned Above

John at the Tournament

China’s “Adam & Matt B.” Announcers

Tournament Site

Here is a picture of Dan Hansen and Dan doing the “back-breaker”.

The Jump Sinking

Arik Lebda, Dan Hansen & Gabbie Taschwer in a Barefoot Pyramid


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