Day 1 of the Competition

Sept 27 – hot and partly sunny. We had good practices and skied the opening ceremonies at Jin Xi Lake.

The Chinese had no falls, we had a couple –but all went great.

Dinner for 200+ involved with the event included the local crab delicacy and rice wine. The teen girls almost fell asleep at dinner but got their second wind and enjoyed a deep-fried fruit that “tastes like chicken nuggets” by the end. The Mayor of the City showered attention on Matayla because she reminded him of her daughter. He fed her crab off chop sticks and Matayla was a super sport and ate it.

We are in a first class hotel, can walk to the ideally laid out and beautiful decorated ski site and we are all having a great time.

Fun Facts – China cannot access Facebook or YouTube, the government blocks it. It costs $10K to get your car license and you can only drive on certain assigned days of the week.

Tomorrow brings the 2nd day of competition.

Here are a few more pictures from the banquet on the day they arrived and from the first day of skiing (click on a thumbnail to view a larger version):

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