Some Site Seeing Pictures from China

A brief update on the competition they just finished:

We lost the competition by 7 points. Skied really well yesterday, but the jump sunk and without jumping with these guys… John had to reorganize. He has done a GREAT job!. We did a barefoot pyramid with Gabbie on top. So cool.

The good inboard overheated right before our ending pyramid so we had to scale back. We were going to do circles with 2 3 highs converting to 4 high. We still wouldn’t have won 🙂

After the competition was over they had a travel & site seeing day. Here’s the short update from Don:

Great day touring a small water village in China. 1000 years old. Now in Souzhou(?) for a day and then on to Shanghai tomorrow night.

The crane boat is how they took the jump out 🙂

Here’s some pictures he sent back (sorry they don’t get very big when you click on them, but this is what was sent back):

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