Updates from China for Oct 2nd through the 5th – Lots of Travel

October 2nd

Mad-City Boyz made it safe and sound to Shanghai yesterday afternoon. A total 36 hour trip for them before they saw a bed, because directly after they landed in Shanghai we all took a domestic flight to the city of Guiluin.

Today we sight-see in Guiluin, after 2 days in Shanghai. The pictures attached are Shanghai.

Shanghai is an amazing city, 25 million people! The last 20 year’s growth super-sized it to the world’s largest city, they are finishing the 2nd tallest building in the world soon. We went to the top of the 3rd tallest building and looked out over the city and it was immense. Pollution clouds hung above the incredible infrastructure, as a stark reality check. We walked the Bund area in Shanghai, the French/European post WWII settlement area. It holds FABULOUS Euro mansions. When we rested on an open pavillion area, so many Chinese crowded around the blonds and wanted pictures, we eventually had to move on. They were treated like famous movie stars!

So we moved from Central China to Southern China now. The landscape and amenities changed a lot. We are sticking close to our bottled water!

The Chinese word for beer and butt are really similar, so we taught the newly arrived Mad-City boyz the word for butt, and told them it is for beer — then we will let them try and order that at the next dinner!!

Ski Strong – Live Strong!

Pictures from this update:

The skiers names in Chinese

October 3rd – Second Update

We are in Southern China, the city of Guilin which is one of China’s most picturesque cities because of the Peaks. (Peaks are like massive tall pointy hills, pix attached)

In the morning we toured the Jingjiang Prince Palace, which is located at the foot of Duxiu Peak, in the center of the city, and it was the official residence of Prince Jingjiang of Ming dynasty. Attached is a picture of the whole group at the gate.

Then we bused 2 hours through beautiful country-side to a small city with a huge market in the middle of a circle of Peaks. Great market– most of us ran around like maniacs trying to buy “copies” of Northface, Designer purses and Sunglasses etc. The exchange is best managed by dividing by 6. So when have a 100 Yuan it is worth $16–but never show them how much you have! Carol and Carly McGowan thrive on dealing with the market traders–knowing when they get them mad, they got their lowest price. Another strategy is buy a few items at a time for the lowest price. We ALL scored with some great buy or another. After intense shopping, Tony Wang found a Budweiser and enjoyed it.

The traffic is horrendous, because we are in the middle of their National Day and holiday week. Plus, people drive aggressive and use their horns ALOT. There are always 100s of mo-peds zigzagging in and out of the cars like bees. (carrying at least 2 people). We got stuck in an intersection near the market for some time and we agreed it would have been faster to walk, however we all would have likely been run over, so we stayed put.

我们把我们的爱 — We send our love from China.

The Peaks outside of the city of Guilin in southern China

The team in front of the Jingjiang Prince Palace

Gabbie & Carly and the Chinese Toilets

All meals are traditional Chinese food. We are trying to be respectful of the beautiful food, but really do miss our familiar favorites.

October 4th & 5th

We arrived in Liuzhou where we will ski yesterday Oct 4.

We were dropped off at the wrong hotel and walked 3 blocks in the crazy traffic to the correct hotel. Pix attached.

The ski site is a huge area, posters of Mad-City 2010 Liuzhou Team are all over. Pix attached.

We tried to get a practice arranged today Oct 5, but they just dropped the jump in an hour before dusk and the starting dock was still being assembled when we finally left at dark.

We will ski big tomorrow, 2 shows with no practice, at a brand new site with different boats — Law Park and Liuzhou China…where champions are made!

Bye Bye. (how Chinese say good-bye)

Navigating the traffic with their luggage

They have lots of luggage (aka water ski gear)

World Peace starts with sharing your Mad-City Can Cooley in China!

Site-Seeing in Guilin


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