China Updates for Oct 6 & 7

Oct 6 –1st Tournament Day in Liuzhou–we got to the site at 8:30 for a 9:30 show, with still no practice allowed yet. However “change of plans”, practice was allowed for both teams. The jump ramp side curtains grabbed the jumpers’ ropes and the jump was hardly waxed, so our boyz really were brave for attempting jumps. Then the Chinese practiced and “crashed and burned” jumping too, so than they decided the ramp needed attention. Upon our suggestion they went out and got candles and the waxing began (notice how many Chinese are in the pix of the jump being waxed….)

Putting some wax on the jump

We completed 2 shows (approx. 11 am and 3:30 pm) and they went well. The Chinese is winning by 15 points at the close of the day, on their point system.

Our blond teens are getting to know the younger Chinese girls a bit. They sat together at lunch!

Lunch time

Hannah was interviewed for tv. (pix) They kept asking her “how do you feel about…..” When they asked about the jumping she candidly said “I feel that the Chinese jump is sticky and needs wax”. That quote may lay on the cutting room floor.

Hannah being interviewed for TV

Today, Oct 7, we have Opening Ceremonies (yes OPENING) and then 1 show, then bustle to the hotel, pack and go to the final banquet, then jump on a domestic flight to Shanghai.

We are nearing the end of our fantastic China adventure.

Oct 7 (2nd Update) — Our “Wonder-City Team” (new nick-name) took 2nd Place — by a close margin.

Wavy conditions and moving jump ramp, and we skied like Champs!

Gabbie Taschwer got MVP girl of tournament. She is honored, but said it should have gone to Laura for sure. So together they will share it.

Gabbie & Laura

Attached are pix of the final ceremony.

Ski Strong – Live Strong.

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