Mad-City is back in China!


On Monday of this week (Sept 30), a group of Mad-City skiers and a few friends from other teams headed over to China to compete in a water ski show competition. The group included Mad-City members Russ Tieman, Mike Imhof, Bryon Thompson, Hannah Thompson, Kyle Ager, Teri Bell, Hannah Zink and Tiffany Leck. Joining them from other ski teams were Brea Imse (former Mad-City member and current Chain Skier), Arik Lebda (Wonderlake), Robb Wruck (Tomahawk), Lance Robbins (Tampa), John Tyler Sacone (Tampa), Travis Bouley (Tampa) and Angie Romme (Wonderlake).

Here is the first update from Teri we’ve heard about the team’s travels…

Much of our trip so far has involved an inexorable amount of hours spent looking at the seat backs ahead of us. Our first flight out of Chicago was delayed by several hours and was coupled by a technical problem preventing us from viewing in flight movies. Upon arrival we were a tired rag tag bunch.

After a quick shower and the first of our famous turntable lazy Susan dinners we were ready to hit the town. We toured downtown skyscrapers known as the Bundt by boat. We were greeted with an aura so brilliant that left most mouths open an tongues silent. Later that night those who did not immediately retreat to bed ventured to the 3rd floor Flying Elephant Russian Bar in the hotel. Exciting times ensued. That’s all we’ll say about that.

The next day we were treated with more of the gems that makeup Shanghai. We visited a Chinese art museum and marveled at 100 meter long moving recreation of a traditional painting projected onto a curved wall. We were able to get another glance at the downtown skyline when we made a quick stop at one of the skyscrapers and took in the breathtaking view from the 94th floor observation deck. The day was completed with a show of acrobatics and grace from the Chinese Circus. Again, many of us were left with our mouths ajar from the seemingly superhuman displays of the talented performers. Team members had another early morning with a hotel departure time of 5 am to catch our flight to Liu Zhou. The flight was uneventful.


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