World Show Ski Tournament This Weekend

world 2014The 2nd World Show Ski Tournament is taking place this weekend (Sept 12 – 14, 2014) at Traxler Park in Janesville, WI. Teams from the Australia, Belgium, Canada, China and the US will compete to see who takes home the world show ski championship.

Five current Mad-City members will be competing in the tournament this weekend.

Matt Heilman is co-show director of the USA Water Ski Show Team. He has is a long time member of Mad-City and has been the show director for Mad-City many times. Leah Straub will be joining him on Team USA. She is also a long time member of Mad-City and won the State and National Swivel Championship in 2013.

Skiing for Team Belgium are Mad-City members Joyce Hardy and Arne Van Maele. Joyce made the trip from Belgium the past two summers to ski with Mad-City and Arne skied with us this past summer. And although he isn’t from Belgium, Mad-City driver Dan Jaworski will be piloting one of their two boats.

In addition to the five current Mad-City members that are competing, there are three past members skiing with Team USA: Jeremy Armstrong, Dan Benz and Jarret Graff.

The event begins on Friday night at 5:30pm with the Opening Ceremonies. The team competition begins on Saturday at 9am with the first team’s setup. The running order for the teams on Saturday is Australia, Belgium, United States, China, Canada. Sunday’s running order will be determined by Saturday’s score. Team USA’s show will start about 12:30pm – 1:00pm on Saturday.

Team USA's Ending Intro from Saturday

Team USA’s Ending Intro from Saturday

Update (Saturday 8:30pm): Sunday’s running order (determined by their scores from Saturday’s show) is: Belgium, Canada, China, Australia, USA. Team USA show will likely start between 3pm & 4pm. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch between Canada & China’s show.


Traxler Park is located about an hour south of Madison in Janesville, WI [directions]. Parking at the tournament is $3/day and admission is $5/day. If you can’t make the trip to Janesville for the tournament, the event will be webcast [link]..

The inaugural championship was won by the USA Water Ski Show Team in 2012.

For more information, visit the tournament website or the Facebook page.

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