Board of Directors

The Mad-City Ski Team is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of 9 positions, each of which is elected annually in August of each year with the exception of the Member-at-Large, which is appointed by the board of directors.

Michael Nowicki*
608-212-9137 / mike.nowicki [at]

Vice President
John Kothe
608-335-5248 / jdkothe [at]

Show Directors
Matt Heilman
608-279-5771 / heilmanmatt [at]

Brad Meier
608-239-8862 / bmmeier [at]

Skier Rep
Ann Tieman
608-513-6521 / anntieman [at]

Government Rep
Scott Hamele*
608-235-6307 / scott [at]

Recording Secretary
David Clay
414-520-0654 / clay.davidd [at]

Corresponding Secretary
Eric Wedige*
608-225-9154 / eric [at]

Lori Taschwer
608-609-1869 / treasurer [at]

Member at Large
Brea Imse
608-469-7230 / breaimse [at]

You can contact the entire Board of Directors by sending an email to the address listed below. The entire board will receive a copy any email sent to this address:

madcityboard [at]

*Board Members with an asterisk by their name are elected through the completion of the 2016 ski season. Other board members are elected through the completion of the 2015 ski season.

Six of the board positions are elected for two year terms with three of them elected each year:

  • President, Government Representative and Corresponding Secretary in even numbered years
  • Vice-President, Recording Secretary,and Treasurer in odd numbered years

The remaining positions are elected annually (Show Director and Skier Representative) or appointed by the board each year (Member at Large.)