Where We Ski

Our home ski site is Law Park located in Madison, Wisconsin on John Nolen Drive, just east of the Monona Terrace.


Take Highway 12/18 (the South Beltline) to John Nolen Drive. Follow John Nolen Drive around the lake. You’ll go under the Monona Terrace and our ski site is just past the terrace on your right. Parking is available on either side of the street.

Free public parking for our shows is available in the lot located at Law Park (please do not park in the private portion of the lot for Machinery Row Bicycles and Sardine), across the street from Law Park in a lot accessible from East Wilson St, possibly in the Monona Terrace Parking Ramp (the ramp is typically open and may or may not be free, it varies based on whether there is an event occurring there) and other downtown area parking ramps (ramp #5 Government East is the closest one to the ski site.)

Parking areas highlighted in red – Click on the map to make it larger

The team performs on the water near the yellow and red star. Public parking areas are highlighted in the red boxes and the green arrows indicate how to access the lots from the street. All of the parking areas are just a short couple minute walk from our ski site.

We also ski at several tournaments throughout the year. Other sites we ski at are:

You can click on each of the site locations for directions.