Mad-City Celebrity Jump

Sponsored by:Logo_BlueIMG_6056 [small]The Mad-City Ski Team will host the 2015 Celebrity Jump in conjunction with the Clean Lakes Festival at Law Park on Saturday, July 25th, 2015.

2015 Celebrity Jump Participants

Please use the donate buttons in each participants section to make a donation towards their fundraising. You’ll be taken to PayPal’s site to complete the donation and it will be recorded towards their total.

William Vinson

william vinsonTrust amazing.  That’s been bill’s guiding principle for most of his professional career.  As Bill believes, “if you trust amazing, amazing will happen.”

He is current responsibility for building hope and being a positive influence in people’s lives as the Campus President at Herzing University in Madison.

Whether it’s in his time serving at Herzing University, working as a motivational speaker, or leading admission teams, throughout his career Bill has believed that we all are capable of amazing things, we just have to find the right way to tap in to them.

Bill has spent almost 15 years working in higher education and nothing lights his fire more than seeing when someone realizes they can have and do more with their life.

In his free time, bill and his family love to be active around water.  In the winter, they’ll take water in an ice form where he coaches both his son and daughter’s hockey teams.  In the summer, they’ll take water any way they can get it, pool, lake and ocean.  Bill is living proof that we can all have amazing, all we have to do is trust.

Haywood Simmons, Jr.

10403212_10205454591066970_4738659454086980443_nAs a committed Holistic Wellness Consultant, he has a lifelong passion for fact finding and solutions creation. Haywood Simmons attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and played on the Badger Football team where he participated in two bowl game victories including the historic 1993 Rose Bowl.

He is a mind body and nutrition-focused training consultant, an accomplished neuromuscular training coach and has excelled at helping everyday people understand the human body and the simple sciences that govern them.  His empathy and masculinity program is a big hit among young adults.

After his personal triumph over teenage diabetes and obesity, Simmons returned to Madison to start a company with four former Badger teammates. Since 2009, he serves as President of Phitness Plus which has allowed him to further his mission to bring together a team of Nutritional and Medical expert to accelerate awareness of the health issues we face as a community both locally and nationally.

Simmons is known for his commitment and persistence in every aspect of his life and believes that the more you educate yourself on what you put into your body and exercise regularly, the healthier you will become. That means all meals must reflect the four basic food groups—and the less meat, processed food and food with additives, the better.

Lars Jensen

lars jensenLars Jensen is a former airline captain and founder of Tango Ten Media LLC.
HangarSphere magazine was our first publication and serves the entire spectrum of aviation as a single resource for content related to aircraft hangar design, construction, facility management, and accessories. HangarSphere has a global reach with readers from 157 countries and six continents. HangarSphere is available free via our app for smartphones and tablets.

Nick Neuman

Nick NeumanNick Neuman – Humble and proud resident of Madison, Wisconsin. Nick is a big fan of summertime in the mad-city and maintains a healthy schedule of yoga, cycling, and water skiing. He is currently super psyched about fresh fruit pies, cheese and crackers and iced tea. His summer time goal this year is to land the sickest celebrity waterski jump EVER!

Here’s how it will work:

We have recruited local “celebrities” (business leaders, civic leaders, TV/radio personalities, non-profit leaders etc…) that have volunteered to go over the jump for charity. We have asked each of the celebrities to raise as much money as they can. The 3 highest fundraisers will for sure go over the jump. If they raise at least $1,000 they are guaranteed a spot (we’d like to see all 5 go over!). As an added incentive, any amount they raise over $1,000 will be split with their personal charity 50/50!!!

Mad-City Ski Team will provide the instruction and proper equipment, including a helmet, jump skis and wetsuit. Mad-City will also provide photography and video equipment, so you will have pictures and video in order to commemorate the occasion.

So, help our local celebrities raise money to help clean up the Madison lakes and donate today.

We are looking for fun-loving, energetic leaders from the greater Madison area to go off the Mad-City water ski jump for charity! If you’re interest, please let us know. So, do you have it in you? Are you interested in raising money for your charity and for the Mad-City Ski Team’s Clean Lakes Festival? Sign up today! To sign up, please visit this page for more details.