2008 – The Mad-City Awards

In 2008 our theme was titled The Mad-City Awards. For many years the MCA’s have been airing quietly on a small local community access channel, but this year they are being shown to the world. Sit back and relax as awards for best costume, most overused theme and most photographed act are handed it.

The Show Directors for 2008 were Matt Baumler and Kristen Block.

Wisconsin State Tournament

  • 1st Place
  • Best Ballet
  • Best Jump Act
  • Best Dock & Equipment
  • Best Boat Drivers
  • Kristen Armstrong won the Wisconsin State Swivel Championship
  • Ann Wittenberg – 2nd in the Wisconsin State State Swivel Competition
  • Paul O’Conner & Carly Cates – 4th in Wisconsin State Doubles Competition
  • Mad-City Ski Team – 1st Team Jump Competition

National Tournament

  • 1st Place
  • Best Ballet
  • Best Barefoot Act
  • Best Jump Act
  • Best Swivel Act
  • Best Pickup Boats
  • Best Tow Boat Drivers
  • Best Audio Presentation
  • Kristen Armstrong won the National Swivel Championship

Other Awards

  • National Show Ski Association Team of the Year
  • Named USA Water Ski Team of the Year

Team Awards – Each year team members vote on the team awards to recognize the accomplishments of their peers.

  • Most Valuable Male – ?
  • Most Valuable Female – ?
  • Most Improved Male – ?
  • Most Improved Female – ?
  • Rookie of the Year – ?
  • Sportsmanship – ?
  • Best Showmanship Male – ?
  • Best Showmanship Female – ?
  • Most Dedicated – ?
  • Show Director Award* – ?

*The Show Director Award is given out by the show director to recognize someone who has helped them out throughout the year with the ski show, either behind the scenes, on the water, or both.



State Highlight Video

National Highlight Video

Evolution of Dance 2.5

Evolution of Dance 2.5 Special Edition