Honorary Lifetime Members

Mad-City honors long term members who have help advance the sport of water skiing and shown exemplary leadership and dedication to the team. The following people are Honorary Lifetime Members of the Mad-City Ski Team.

Jeff Taschwer (2011) – Bio coming soon

Kristen Block (2010) – Bio coming soon

Jerry Wesner (2008) – Jerry has been a long time boat driver for the Mad-City Ski Team beginning when his children were involved and has held several board positions throughout the years. He continues to drive the boat and has become one of the best triple rig drivers in the nation, having pulled the world record 48-person quad four-tiers, numerous best ballet lines and in 2009, Mad-City’s 40 person ending triple 4-highs seperated by two-ones.

Bobbi Wang (2007) – Bobbie has been a member of Mad-City for many years, having joined the team when her children were very young. She’s been very active on the team having held numerous board positions, helped start the team’s website, and has been a staple in the boats during the summer helping pull pin. She’s also helped out over the years with the team’s costumes.

Dan Wang (2006) – Dan has been a member for the vast majority of his life. He’s a very accomplished skier having done more roles in the ski show than most people. He’s been in the guys’ ballet, jump, numerous barefoot acts, based pyramids, climbed pyramids and skied conventional doubles. Of the water, he’s been the show director for the ski team and helped organize equipment for the team.

Tony Wang (2006) – Tony has been a member of Mad-City for many years, joining the team when his children were very young. He’s been a fixture in the boats driving one of the inboards for a long time and has also held board positions through the year as well as taking care of the team’s wetsuits for many years.

Matt Heilman (2006) – Matt has been the team’s show director 9 times, more than anyone else on the team. He’s been instrumental in building the team into a national contender year after year, including being part of the show directing pair for 3 of the team’s 5 recent national championships (2004, 2006 & 2009) and has helped behind the scenes with several of the other show directors.

Don Heilman (2006) – Don has been a member of the ski team for many years, joining the team when his children first joined the team. As well as being in one of the boats for a good portion of his summer (first driving an inboard and later driving the twin rig), he’s also been a staple on the board of directors for the team holding  a variety of positions. He helped start the Clean Lakes Festival having been the committee chair for the festival since it’s inception.

Sue Heilman (2006) – Sue has been a member of the ski team for many years, joining the team when her children first joined the team. During the winter, she’s been instrumental in costume design for the team, sewing them and during the ski season, making sure they are all taken care of properly. During our shows, she’s the reason that the team’s shows have unmatched flow as she cue’s the boats to leave acting as the show course traffic control person.

Chris Coupland (2006) – Chris is a long time member of the team, he worked with Matt Heilman to help build the team into the national contender and innovator that it is today. He has since taken on a huge role with the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation and is the current president of the organization.

Mike Imse (2006) – Mike has been skiing with Mad-City for nearly 20 years now and is one of the most dependable skiers on the team. He’s recently learned to backfoot and also managed to even land a heli of the ramp. Off the water, he’s been on the board of directors for many years, holding the position of treasurer for many of them. He’s also turned into a ski repair guru and manges to keep our skis and bindings in one piece.

Dan Duren (2005) – bio coming soon

Jim Larson (2005) – bio coming soon

The Honorary Lifetime member program was begun in 2005. In order to catch up, several past members were honored in 2005 and several current members deserving of the award were honored in 2006. Since 2006, only one person can have this honor bestowed upon them each year.