Join the Team

The Mad-City Ski Team welcomes skiers of all ages and abilities to join the team. Whether you’re new to skiing or a veteran show skier, you’ll find a place to fit in on the team. The team also needs a variety of support personnel to ride in boats, announce and help out on the docks.

This page contains general information about joining Mad-City. The team also a Junior Team and Learn to Ski program for those that may be interested in those.

What do you need to do to sign up?

  • Sign up for Mad-City online at
  • Pay the Team Dues:
    • New Member Dues for a Skiing Individual are $150
    • New Member Dues for a Family are $300
    • Supporting Members (non-skiing) dues are $25
  • Join USA Water Ski – This organization over sees the competitive sport of water skiing and provides the team with insurance for all of practices and shows. All members (both skiing and support) must join USA-WS. The easiest way to sign up is online via this link. Please include a copy of the email receipt as well as all membership numbers with your Mad-City membership forms. The valid USA-WS membership levels for joining Mad-City are listed here:
    • Active Member (25 and Older) – $80
    • Under 25 Active – $50
    • Family Active (Up to 5 People, Head of Household and Spouse or Dependent Children 17 and Under residing at the same address) – $145
  • Join Wisconsin Water Skiing Federation – This organization oversees competitive water skiing in Wisconsin and organizes the State Water Ski Show Tournament. The easiest way to join is also online via this link. Please include a copy of the email receipt as well as all membership numbers with your Mad-City membership forms. For help with the sign up process, see the instructions here. Please note that each family member must have a unique email address for the family sign up process to work.
    • Individual – $15
    • Family – $30

Things to Know

  • Mad-City asks all skiing members (or their parents) to participate on a team committee
  • If you participate in team fund raising you can earn back all of your dues

Please note that members that are under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian join the team as well. They’ll need to at least be a supporting member on Mad-City. They’ll also need to join USA Water Ski (as an Active member – easiest way is to join USA-WS with a family membership) and the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation (with a family membership). Members under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent at all team related functions.

Your skiing ability will determine where you fit in with the team to start with:

  • Experienced Show Skiers – For members that are an experienced show skier, they’d likely start out with our main (competitive) team. It practices Tuesday through Thursday evenings during the week in the summer and has our main show on Sunday’s at 6pm. This team competes at 3 tournaments throughout the summer including the State Tournament in July and the National Tournament in August.
  • Experienced Skier New to Show Skiing – For members that are experienced skiers but are new to show skiing, you’d likely spend time with both the full team and the junior team. The additional water time with the junior team will allow them to learn and work and work on show ski skills such pyramid starts, jump, ballet, etc. that you may not have tried before.
  • New to Water Skiing and Show Skiing – For members that are new to water skiing and show skiing, you’d start out on our Junior Team. It is geared towards developing our younger and/or newer members. It provides opportunities for members to work on more core water skiing skills that they may not be able to work on much with the main team. This group practices on most Monday nights throughout the summer and some Saturday mornings. The Junior Team also has an opportunity to perform a show at 5:30 on Sundays preceding our main show. Although most of the people skiing with the junior team are our younger members, there are always some older/newer members that practice with them. In addition, there are routinely experienced members available for coaching assistance learning new skills.

When does the team get started?

Although the summer season is short, the team does work year round. Committees start planning in the fall for the next year and winter land practices start in January. If you plan to join in the summer, contact us right away since our fund raising efforts begin in January to allow you to earn back all of your dues.

To find out what’s going on now, you can view the team’s full calendar (practices, shows, tournaments, etc) online here.

If you have any other questions or want to join, please contact the team via the Join button below. Be sure to include some information about your skiing abilities so we can answer your questions appropriately. Thank you for interest in joining the Mad-City Ski Team!