Junior Team

Junior Team PyramidJunior Team All Girls Pyramid

For those that are new to show skiing, the Mad-City Ski Team offers a program for all levels of ability. The Junior Team is designed for less experienced individuals to prepare them for competitive show skiing.

The Junior Team practices consist of on and off the water training. Along with skiing we will learn about all the parts that make up a ski show and most importantly safety on the water. Each practice will include skilled instructors with years of experience in show skiing. Members will be able to learn together in a group setting that is non-intimidating and directly aimed at accomplishing everyone’s personal goals while having fun.

The junior team performs its own ski show every Sunday afternoon at Law Park a half hour before the main show. This is where the junior team members will gain valuable experience skiing in front of a crowd, be able to showcase everything they have learned and most importantly have a blast.

Junior team practices are held on most Monday evenings and some Saturday mornings throughout the summer.

If you have any questions, use the Join button below to get more information about joining the Junior Team.