Learn to Ski

The Mad-City Ski Team will be offering several learn to ski clinics this year.  Children of all ages are welcome to sign up for these clinics.  The cost per clinic is $50 per person per clinic.

Junior Team Skiers
Some of Mad-City’s newest skiers

The 2015 Learn to Ski Date is:

Things to know ahead of time and details about what you should bring:

  • Everyone is responsible for bringing his or her own swimsuits, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and a positive attitude that is ready to go skiing.
  • Bring jackets and other warms clothes. It can get chilly in the morning or evening, so come prepared!
  • The Mad-City Ski Team will be providing some equipment for everyone to use, however, if you have your own equipment that you would like to use, please bring it to your class. If you choose to bring ski equipment, it will be solely for your use.
  • Please be prompt getting to and from class.
  • If you miss a class, you will not be refunded for that class. No make-ups.
  • If you have health issues, you are responsible to bring whatever is necessary to keep you healthy such as meds, inhaler, etc.
  • In case of inclement weather and a class needs to be cancelled a refund will be offered. This will be the decision of the Mad-City Learn to Ski Coordinator. If you have questions about class and weather conditions, please contact the Mad-City Learn to Ski Coordinator
  • All forms must be completed before you head out on the water.
  • Most importantly—learn to ski and HAVE FUN!