Water Ski World, Meet Taryn Garland

The water ski website Ball of Spray has a great letter from Mad-City’s former member Taryn Garland who now works at USA Water Ski as the Program Development Coordinator.

Here’s an excerpt of Taryn Garland at Ball of Spray:

Taryn_HeadshotI am originally from Madison, Wis., and was an active member of the Mad-City Ski Team for 11 years. During my time on the team, I learned early on that the water-skiing community is one full of dedicated, passionate people that go above and beyond for a sport that they love. Being a part of this community is a unique experience and as they say, “From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it.” I am grateful for having experienced life on the inside.

Read the whole letter from Taryn at Ball of Spray [link].

Source: BallOfSpray.com

60 People, 5 Pyramids, One Boat – A New World Record

The Mad-City Ski Team would like to congratulate our fellow Evinrude sponsored water ski show teams– The Brown’s Lake Aqua Ducks, The Badgerland Water Ski Show Team, The Backwater Gamblers Water Ski Show Team, The Beaverland Must-Skis and The Muskego Water Bugs Show Ski Team– on building the new world record water ski pyramid behind a single tow boat on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Lake Wazeecha near Wisconsin Rapids, WI. The pyramid contained 60 people built into five 4-high human pyramids and was pulled with Badgerland’s Triple Rig which is powered by three 300 HP Evinrude engines. The record was certified by Guinness (here’s a link to the record on the Guinness World Record website.)

Here’s a picture of the pyramid on the water



Here’s another picture show the pyramid behind Badgerland’s Triple Rig…



And here’s a collection of videos of the pyramid on the water…

Evinrude’s How They Pulled it Off Video…

From a boat next to the pyramid…

A slightly longer video showing some pictures and videos of the pyramid…

Tow Boat Hand Held Camera view…

Tow Boat Go Pro Camera view…

Another Chase Boat Camera view…

Pyramid Go Pro Camera Number 1…

Pyramid Go Pro Camera Number 2 (Badgerland’s Pyramid)…

Pyramid Go Pro Camera Number 3 (Badgerland’s Pyramid, second camera)…

2013 World Record Human Pyramid (Multi-angle)

That’s all the videos of the pyramid I’ve seen, but here’s one more picture.

60 people


Finally, here’s a link to the event’s Facebook page where most of the pictures and videos were found.

Skiing in China – A 9 Year Old’s Perspective

4-High in China

Hannah at the Top of a 4-High in China

Here’s an account of the recent trip to China from a 9-year old’s perspective.

Skiing was awesome. There was a big building where everyone watched us perform. There were lots of people and we skied great. The Chinese team would ski an act and then we would ski an act. It was really fun climbing to the top of the pyramids and seeing the crowd. We also did lots of cool jumping acts. My favorite was this cool trick called the “Wruckus” (note: this is a jump performed by Rob Wruck who spins 180 degrees on the ramp and then does a backflip landing the jump backwards). I also liked our act where the doubles couples tandem pulled the swivel skiers. The Chinese ended their show with four skiers flying high in the air on four fly boards with jet skis. It was cool. The second show I was on top of the fast pyramid for the one-act show. We went really fast and it was hard to hang on. I liked watching the jumpers do their backflips beside me. The final show we did a really long four-high pyramid. We followed the Chinese team who also did a four-high next to us. Then we climbed the pyramid into twin three-high pyramids. When the skiing was done, people swarmed around me for pictures. All the girl skiers from China had their picture taken with me and one even lifted me up. I was also interviewed on tv. China was amazing and so cool. I’m so glad I went.

- Hannah Thompson

Here are some more pictures and videos that she included with her account of the trip.   http://youtu.be/2vXD74Megcc

The One Act Show


The Ski Site

The Ski Site





Twin Hannah's

Twin Hannah’s

The Wruckus Video


Hannah and the Chinese Girl Skiers

Hannah and the Chinese Girl Skiers


Hannah Being Lifted

Hannah Being Lifted


Hannah (on the right side of the picture) being interviewed on TV

Hannah (on the right side of the picture) being interviewed on TV


Banquet Night. Hannah and the Ladies.

Banquet Night. Hannah and the Ladies.


Hannah Clubbing it at Soho bar (Don't tell Mom!)

Hannah Clubbing it at Soho bar (Don’t tell Mom!)

Added @ 2:35pm on 10/14/2013 photo (1)

Twin 3-Highs

Twin 3-Highs


US and Chinese 4-Highs Side by Side

US and Chinese 4-Highs Side by Side

Nationals Webcast Archive is Now Available

nssa-logoThe webcast archive of the 2013 National Show Ski Tournament is now available online at TomCastTV.

The USA Water Ski Press Release announcement:

(09/26/2013 11:33:18) The Webcast archive of the 39th Indmar Marine Engines Division 1 Show Ski National Championships, presented by Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing, is available for viewing at http://new.livestream.com/tomcasttv.

The Nationals, won for the third consecutive year by the Rock Aqua Jays Water Ski Show Team, was held Aug. 9-11 in Loves Park, Ill. The Webcast was sponsored by Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing, WOW Towable Inflatables and Dyna-Ski Boats. The Webcast archive of the 2012 World Show ski Tournament also is available for viewing at the same Web site.

2013 Nationals Results & Highlight Video

Mad-City's Ending Pyramid

Mad-City’s Ending Pyramid

The Mad-City Ski Team competed at the 2013 National Water Ski Show Tournament in Loves Park, IL on the weekend of August 9 – 11, 2013.

2013 National Swivel Champion Leah Straub

2013 National Swivel Champion Leah Straub

On Friday, at the Individual Competition, Mad-City member Leah Straub competed in the Individual Swivel Competition and won the Swivel National Championship.

The team skied 2nd on Saturday morning. Here’s a highlight video of the show…

Mad-City Ski Team 2013 National Highlight Clip

On Sunday, after all the team’s finished skiing, the results were announced and Mad-City took 2nd place at the tournament.

Show Directors - Scott Hamele & Sara Tubbs

Show Directors – Scott Hamele & Sara Tubbs

From the USA Water Ski Press Release:

The Rock Aqua Jays tallied 2,033.46 points in winning top awards for Dock & Equipment Personnel (tie), Showmanship, Sound Crew, Overall Show, Barefoot, Pyramid, Strap Doubles and Swivel. The Mad-City Ski Team (Madison, Wis.), earning the top award for towboat driving, finished second with 1,924.88 points, and the Aquanut Water Shows (Twin Lakes, Wis.), earning top awards for Dock & Equipment Personnel (tie) and Ballet, placed third with 1,923.46 points. Wonder Lake (Wonder Lake, ill.), which scored 1,734.5 points, and the Backwater Gamblers (Rock Island, Ill.), which tallied 1,723.14 points and earned the top award for Pick-Up Boat Crews, rounded out the top-five placements.

Mad-City also won the award for best boat driving in the tournament.

Boat Drivers (L to R) - Don Heilman, Tony Wang, Dan Jaworski

Boat Drivers (L to R) – Don Heilman, Tony Wang, Dan Jaworski

Here are the complete results from the tournament:

Finally on the Water in China

4 High in  Liuzhou, China

4 High in Liuzhou, China

Here’s the second update we’ve received back from the group over in China. This update is from Tiffany.

After arriving to Liuzhou on Thursday the group decided to check out the city. The water festival was going on near our hotel, which had people running an inflatable obstacle course like the one on the show wipeout, and also people of all ages in a swimming pool. We all thought they were just having a good time splashing around, but after further observation we figured out they were trying to catch fish that were in this pool.

We finally hit the water Friday afternoon for a practice with the Chinese. The weather was beautiful and the water conditions were not too bad. We had a great practice. Our 4 high pyramid was up down and in BEAUTIFULLY. Everyone was shocked how smooth it went. We were all really happy with the way we skied.

Competition day was today. We had two “competitions”. The Chinese skied an act then we did, having 6 acts total for each team. We skied well with a few minor falls on the first show, but still lost to the Chinese by only 12 points. We all gathered for lunch and then skied the second show. We once again had a great show as did the Chinese and won by 5 points! Overall the Chinese won, but we were all VERY happy with how we skied.

Here are some pictures, and a video…

Team Picture - 1st Day of Practice

Team Picture – 1st Day of Practice


Practicing the Ballet Dance

Practicing the Ballet Dance


Jumpers Approaching the Ramp

Jumpers Approaching the Ramp


Ballet on the Water

Ballet on the Water

One Act Show

Another 4-High on the Water

Another 4-High on the Water


Team Picture After Fist Competition

Team Picture After Fist Competition

Mad-City is back in China!


On Monday of this week (Sept 30), a group of Mad-City skiers and a few friends from other teams headed over to China to compete in a water ski show competition. The group included Mad-City members Russ Tieman, Mike Imhof, Bryon Thompson, Hannah Thompson, Kyle Ager, Teri Bell, Hannah Zink and Tiffany Leck. Joining them from other ski teams were Brea Imse (former Mad-City member and current Chain Skier), Arik Lebda (Wonderlake), Robb Wruck (Tomahawk), Lance Robbins (Tampa), John Tyler Sacone (Tampa), Travis Bouley (Tampa) and Angie Romme (Wonderlake).

Here is the first update from Teri we’ve heard about the team’s travels…

Much of our trip so far has involved an inexorable amount of hours spent looking at the seat backs ahead of us. Our first flight out of Chicago was delayed by several hours and was coupled by a technical problem preventing us from viewing in flight movies. Upon arrival we were a tired rag tag bunch.

After a quick shower and the first of our famous turntable lazy Susan dinners we were ready to hit the town. We toured downtown skyscrapers known as the Bundt by boat. We were greeted with an aura so brilliant that left most mouths open an tongues silent. Later that night those who did not immediately retreat to bed ventured to the 3rd floor Flying Elephant Russian Bar in the hotel. Exciting times ensued. That’s all we’ll say about that.

The next day we were treated with more of the gems that makeup Shanghai. We visited a Chinese art museum and marveled at 100 meter long moving recreation of a traditional painting projected onto a curved wall. We were able to get another glance at the downtown skyline when we made a quick stop at one of the skyscrapers and took in the breathtaking view from the 94th floor observation deck. The day was completed with a show of acrobatics and grace from the Chinese Circus. Again, many of us were left with our mouths ajar from the seemingly superhuman displays of the talented performers. Team members had another early morning with a hotel departure time of 5 am to catch our flight to Liu Zhou. The flight was uneventful.


Congrats to Past Member Taryn Garland

Taryn Garland skiing with the team's ballet line in 2009 at Nationals. She is 3rd from the left.

Taryn Garland skiing with the team’s ballet line in 2009 at Nationals. She is 3rd from the left.


The Mad-City Ski Team would like to congratulate our past team member Taryn Garland on her new position as Program Development Coordinator at USA Water Ski.

Taryn skied with Mad-City for many years and choreographed many of the team’s ballet dance routines and participated in many memorable comedy skits.

From the USA Water Ski press release:

USA Water Ski is pleased to announce the hiring of Taryn Garland as the organization’s new Program Development Coordinator, effective Sept. 3, 2013. Garland, who has an extensive show skiing background as a former member of the Mad-City Ski Team, will be responsible for the creation and administration of introductory and developmental programs for USA Water Ski sport disciplines and affiliated clubs.

“We are excited to add Taryn Garland to our USA Water Ski headquarters’ team as the new Program Development Coordinator,” said Bob Crowley, USA Water Ski executive director. “Our vision is to provide tools for our clubs to encourage membership growth and increased participation. Taryn will focus on our educational programs, our existing developmental programs – the Basic Skills Challenge Series and the GrassRoots program – and will be looking to add new programs to stimulate the sport.”

The Program Development Coordinator will work in collaboration with USA Water Ski’s Director of Competition & Events and with the Director of Marketing & Partnerships, and will serve as the primary liaison for the National Show Ski Association, USA Water Ski’s second largest sport discipline organization, as well as the National Water Ski Racing Association and the United States Hydrofoil Association.