Details for 2016 Nationals

2016showskinationalslogoMad-City will be competing at the 2016 National Show Ski Tournament in Janesville, WI on Saturday, August 13 at approximately 9am.

You can make the 60 minute trip to attend the tournament in person (admission is free, parking on site is $5/vehicle) at Traxler Park.

You can also watch it online. USA Water Ski is streaming the entire tournament on their Facebook page. Please visit USA-WS for more details on how watch.

Here is the full running order for the tournament:

Mad-City Takes 2nd at the 2016 State Tournament

World Record 28 Person Ballet Line

World Record 28 Person Ballet Line

Mad-City took 2nd place at the 2016 Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament. The Rock Aqua Jays of Janesville took 1st, by less than 2 points (1st Place 1918.56, 2nd Place 1916.68) (that less than 0.2% margin).

Mad-City still skied a very strong show, with a 3-Double Top 4-3 Human Pyramid, 6 man backfoot line, nearly 70 person big act, 29 person combo ballet line, and a world record 28 person traditional ballet line. Mad-City also finished with the highest scoring awards for dock & equipment personnel, towboat driving, high individual club act (ballet), best barefoot act and best ballet act.

Here are the full results: 2016 NSSA Wisconsin State Results

And We’re Off to China

Mad-City's 4-High

Mad-City’s 4-High (from a previous trip to China)

This morning a group of Mad-City skiers and a couple of our friends began their long trip to China to compete against one of the Chinese water ski show times in Liuzhou, China. They’ll be practicing and then skiing a 2 to 3 shows there. They will also get to spend a few days in Shanghai and Beijing. It will be quite the whirl wind trip as they’ll be headed home on the 8th.

Making the trip for Mad-City this time are: Tony Wang, Dan Wang, Arik Lebda (from Wonder Lake), Jeff Jacobson, Adam Asmus, Tom Schmidt (from Beaver Dam Must-Skis), Mark Sanderfoot, Brad Meier, Maddie Kothe, Brea Imse, Rachel Zenk, Teri Bell, Maggie Lee (and her dad Jeff), Kendra Sanderfoot and Keegan Sanderfoot.

Here’s a picture that was just sent in of everyone on the airplane.

On the plane, ready for a long flight (team members are in the white shirts)

On the plane, ready for a long flight (team members are in the white shirts)

Gearing Up for 2016

Taken from the roof top of the Monona Terrace.

Taken from the roof top of the Monona Terrace.

Event though we still have one show left this year, the team is already hard at work for next year’s show, and that means going higher. This year we consistently managed to put a up a double top 4-high, a very difficult feat itself. But to go higher and put 1 more person on the top of that pyramid takes a lot of team work, and some calm water (which is relatively rare at Law Park).

On Wednesday, August 26th, the team decided to work on building a 5-high, something the team has only done once before on the water. After some land work to practice the climbing that night, the team went out and did it not just once, but twice. Checkout the video of the pyramids below.

5-Highs in August (Video)


Mad-City is Heading to Nationals This Weekend

Practicing Combo Hot Pick at Rockord on Aug 2nd

Practicing Combo Hot Pick at Rockord on Aug 2nd

The past three weeks for the Mad-City Ski Team have been very busy. The weekend of July 16 – 19 Mad-City was at the State Water Ski Show Tournament where the team took 1st place overall. The following weekend, the team hosted the Clean Lakes Festival with the Clean Lakes Alliance where the team’s celebrity jump took place. This past weekend the team road tripped to Loves Park, IL to stage a show run through for the nationals. And pretty much every day since state, the team has been practicing hard to make our show bigger and better for this weekend.

Why? This weekend the 41st Indmar Marine Engines Division 1 Show Ski National Championships are being held at Shorewood Park in Loves Park, IL featuring 14 of the best water ski show teams in the nation and Mad-City will be there.

On Friday, Mad-City member Rachel Zenk will be competing in individual swivel competition, Mad-City’s jump team will be competing in the Team Jump competition and then the team will hold one final team meeting Friday evening in preparation for Saturday morning’s performance.

Mad-City will ski 2nd on Saturday morning at approximately 9am. The tournament is free to attend, however there is usually a small charge for parking at the tournament site. Shorewood Park is in Loves Park (near Rockford) and is about 75-90 minutes south of Madison depending on where in Madison you’re starting from. You can find directions to the site here.

11846673_10153189288159542_4075549898927440901_nIf you’re unable to make the trip south to watch our performance live, the tournament will also be webcast.

  • Friday’s Webcast – The event will be live at approximately 9:45 a.m. (CDT) on Friday, Aug. 7 with the individual – swivel, freestyle jumping, adagio doubles and team jumping – events.
  • Saturday & Sunday’s Webcast – The team events will be held on Saturday and Saturday, beginning at 7:30 a.m. (CDT) both days.

You can find the full schedule of events for the weekend and the running order here

Note: There will NOT be a home show on Sunday, August 9th since Mad-City will be at Nationals.

Mad-City Celebrity Jump 2015 Pictures

Haywood Simmons, Jr.

Haywood Simmons, Jr.

Celebrity Jump 2015 was a huge success! A big “Thank You!” goes out to our 4 participants for helping us raise money at the Clean Lakes Festival. For those of you that missed it, we have our favorite photos of their jumps below. If you’d like to congratulate the contestants one last time for their bravery, you can still make a donation here.

We look forward to doing this again next year. If you’d like to be considered, please reach out to us and let us know at Thank you!

Lars Jensen

Lars Jensen

Lars Jensen

Nick Neuman

Nick Neuman

Nick Neuman

Haywood Simmons, Jr.

Haywood Simmons, Jr.

Haywood Simmons, Jr.

Bill Vinson

Bill Vinson

Bill Vinson


All of celebrity jumpers loved hitting the ramp. Although there were a lot of falls that wowed the crowd, out in the boat you could hear their excitement about having tried to conquer the 5 1/2 foot ramp. I think the picture below best captures their sentiment.

Haywood celebrates surviving the ramp with his jump coach Mike Nowicki

Haywood celebrates surviving the ramp with his jump coach Mike Nowicki

Mad-City Wins 2015 Wisconsin State Show Ski Tournament

2015 Wisconsin State Show Ski Champions

2015 Wisconsin State Show Ski Champions

The Mad-City Ski Team won the team title Sunday at the 49th Wisconsin State Show Ski Championships at Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin Rapids held the weekend of July 16 – 19. The Wisconsin State Show Ski Championships is the world’s largest water ski tournament with 25 show ski teams competing.

Mad-City tallied 1,965.51 points in earning top awards for towboat driving, showmanship, sound crew, overall show, high individual club act, ballet, and pyramid. The Rock Aqua Jays (Janesville, Wis.) finished second with 1,891.58 points.

Also taking place at the tournament, Rachel Zenk took 1st place in the Individual Swivel Competition and Brea Imse took 5th. The jump team took 4th at the Team Jump Competition.

Mad-City will compete at the National Show Ski Tournament the weekend of August 7 – 9 in Loves Park, IL at Shorewood Park.

Here are the complete results: 2015 WI State Show Ski Results

Here’s a highlight video of our show.

State Tournament Highlights (video)

Here’s a video of our Lip Sync Battle comedy skit.

Lip Sync Battle (video)

And finally, here’s a video of our Skip Tape Slow Jam.

Skip Tape Slow Jam (video)

A Few Pictures from the “Pilot Episode”

After being rained/winded/stomed out for our scheduled first show on 5/24, we braved the windy and rough conditions this past Sunday (5/31) to perform the pilot episode of this year’s theme, The Tonight Show with the Mad-City Ski Team & Adam Schaller.

Enjoy the pictures below and come down to see us this Sunday. The show will take to the airwaves at 6pm at Law Park.

World Show Ski Tournament This Weekend

world 2014The 2nd World Show Ski Tournament is taking place this weekend (Sept 12 – 14, 2014) at Traxler Park in Janesville, WI. Teams from the Australia, Belgium, Canada, China and the US will compete to see who takes home the world show ski championship.

Five current Mad-City members will be competing in the tournament this weekend.

Matt Heilman is co-show director of the USA Water Ski Show Team. He has is a long time member of Mad-City and has been the show director for Mad-City many times. Leah Straub will be joining him on Team USA. She is also a long time member of Mad-City and won the State and National Swivel Championship in 2013.

Skiing for Team Belgium are Mad-City members Joyce Hardy and Arne Van Maele. Joyce made the trip from Belgium the past two summers to ski with Mad-City and Arne skied with us this past summer. And although he isn’t from Belgium, Mad-City driver Dan Jaworski will be piloting one of their two boats.

In addition to the five current Mad-City members that are competing, there are three past members skiing with Team USA: Jeremy Armstrong, Dan Benz and Jarret Graff.

The event begins on Friday night at 5:30pm with the Opening Ceremonies. The team competition begins on Saturday at 9am with the first team’s setup. The running order for the teams on Saturday is Australia, Belgium, United States, China, Canada. Sunday’s running order will be determined by Saturday’s score. Team USA’s show will start about 12:30pm – 1:00pm on Saturday.

Team USA's Ending Intro from Saturday

Team USA’s Ending Intro from Saturday

Update (Saturday 8:30pm): Sunday’s running order (determined by their scores from Saturday’s show) is: Belgium, Canada, China, Australia, USA. Team USA show will likely start between 3pm & 4pm. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch between Canada & China’s show.


Traxler Park is located about an hour south of Madison in Janesville, WI [directions]. Parking at the tournament is $3/day and admission is $5/day. If you can’t make the trip to Janesville for the tournament, the event will be webcast [link]..

The inaugural championship was won by the USA Water Ski Show Team in 2012.

For more information, visit the tournament website or the Facebook page.

National Show Ski Tournament Info

Mad-City's Ending Pyramid at the 2014 State Tournament

Mad-City’s Ending Pyramid at the 2014 State Tournament

The Mad-City Ski Team will be competing at the National Show Ski Tournament at Traxler Park (directions) in Janesville, WI the weekend of August 8-10 and will ski 5th on Saturday with the show starting between 1pm and 2pm (approximately).

Here’s is the full running order of the tournament => 2014 NSSA D1 Nationals Running Order

The tournament will be webcast and can be viewed by following this link.

There will NOT be a home on Sunday, August 10th.