Do You Want to Be a Celebrity Jumper?

Have you seen the ski jump floating in front of the Monona Terrace and ever thought about going over it?

IMG_6056 [small]

Celebrity Jump 2014 – Adam Nonn

Here’s your chance! Volunteer to be a Celebrity Jumper for Mad-City’s Celebrity Jump 2015 and you can fulfill a lifelong dream. You can help raise money for the ski team and get the experience of a lifetime as you hit the jump in front of a crowd at the Clean Lakes Festival on July 25.

All we ask is that you raise as much many as you can and Mad-City will provide the instruction and proper equipment, including jump skis, wetsuit and, most importantly, a helmet. Mad-City will also have people on hand to take both pictures and video of the event so you have everything you need to commemorate the event.

To volunteer for this year’s celebrity jump, contact Teri Bell at and she’ll answer any questions you might have.

Celebrity Jump 2014 - Kevin Metcalfe

Celebrity Jump 2014 – Kevin Metcalfe