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The Flyman Freestyle Duos Jump Competition will take place on June 13, 2020 at the 1st Annual Rough Water Open hosted by the Mad-City Ski Team. This event takes place in downtown Madison, on Lake Monona at Law Park. This is the first stop in the Trigon of Jump series. Each series stop follow two basic rule: two jumpers must be on the water, and at least one skier must go over the ramp.


At the Flyman Freestyle stop, the following rules apply:

  • Each pair gets 10 minutes to compete as many jumps as possible

  • The 2 highest scoring jumps for each pair will go towards the pair’s overall score

  • The 10 minute period begins when the pairs hit the jump for the first time

  • If a team is on the ramp at the 10 minute mark the jump will count

  • Skiers will be towed into shore after their last jump. There will be no deductions for a tight line once their 10 minutes has elapsed

  • A jump is only scored if both skiers successfully land 

  • If one skier is not going over the ramp, they must do a cut-under. No ride-by's allowed

  • Jumps will be scored subjectively by a panel of judges. Degree of difficulty, style, and execution will be assessed

  • There will be a standard height kicker that can be utilized at any point during the 10 minute time period


Entry Fee: $100/pair ($50/skier)


1st Place Prize: Flyman Single Ski Jumper for each skier

2nd Place Prize: TBD

3rd Place Prize: TBD



For more information about the Trigon of Jump, visit


  • June 13: Mad-City’s Flyman Freestyle at the Rough Water Open (Madison, WI)

  • June 27: Rock Aqua Jays’ Rock River Night Jump (Janesville, WI)

  • August 14 & 15: TL CornFest’s Freestyle Jump Royale (Twin Lakes, WI)

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