Traxler Park

Traxler Park is the home of the Rock Aqua Jay’s Water Ski Show Team in Janesville, WI. They are a frequent host of the National Show Ski Tournament.

Here’s a clickable, zoom-able Google Map showing the location of Traxler Park in Janesville, WI.

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From Madison via I-90/I-39:
Take exit 171A. Follow Hwy. 26 south to Memorial Drive. Turn right on Memorial Drive. Continue on Memorial Drive until you reach the ramp to Highway 51. Take the ramp to 51 and turn left at the bottom of the ramp to head south. After going under the bridge, Traxler Park will be on your right.

From Madison via Hwy. 14:
Follow Hwy. 14 east to Hwy. 51 south. Follow Hwy 51 south to Traxler Park.

From Monroe via Hwy. 11:
Follow Hwy. 11 east to Hwy. 51 north. Follow Hwy 51 north to Traxler Park.

From Rockford via I-90/I-39:
Take exit 175A. Follow Business Hwy. 14 west (E. Racine St.) to Main St. Turn right on Main St. Follow Main St. to Traxler Park.