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The Mad-City Ski Team welcomes skiers of all ages and abilities to join the team!


Whether you’re new to skiing or a veteran show skier, you’ll find a place to fit in on the team. The team also needs a variety of support personnel to ride in boats, announce and help out on the docks.

Mad-City asks all skiing members (or their parents) to participate in team activities. If you participate in team fund raising you can earn back all of your dues!

Please note that members that are under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian join the team as well. They’ll need to at least be a supporting member on Mad-City and to join USA Water Ski and the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation. Members under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent at all team related functions.


Show Skiers

Experienced show skiers start with our main (competitive) team. Practice is Tuesday through Thursday evenings during the week in the summer. Shows are performed on Sunday’s at 6pm. This team competes at three tournaments throughout the summer including the State Tournament in July and the National Tournament in August.


Experienced Skier New to Show Skiing

Experienced skiers that are new to show skiing will likely spend time with both the full team and the junior team. The additional practice with the junior team allows time to work on show ski skills such pyramid starts, jump, ballet, and more that may be new skills.

New to Water Skiing and Show Skiing

Those new to water and show skiing start out on our Junior Team. It provides opportunities to work on core skills with the coaching of our experienced members. Practice is on most Thursday nights throughout the summer. The Junior Team also performs a show at 5:15 on Sundays preceding our main show.



Sign up for Mad-City

Send an email to to get all the details about membership!

Pay the Team Dues:

New Member Dues for a Skiing Individual are $150

New Member Dues for a Family are $300

Supporting Members (non-skiing) dues are $25

Join USA Water Ski & Wake Sports 

All members must join this organization that over sees the competitive sport of water skiing and provides the team with insurance for all of practices and shows. The easiest way to sign up is online via this link

Active Member (25 and Older) – $85

Under 25 Active – $55

Family Active  – $175


Join Wisconsin Water Skiing Federation

This organization oversees competitive water skiing in Wisconsin and organizes the State Water Ski Show Tournament. The easiest way to join is also online via this link

Individual – $15

Family – $30

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